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Do These Movements Before Going To Bed, They Will Make You Sleep Like A Baby

Do These Movements Before Going To Bed, They Will Make You Sleep Like A Baby

Difficulty to sleep, waking up in the middle of the night and early in the morning, unable to go back to sleep ... If you have these symptoms, it is not a coincidence: almost everyone has already suffered from sleep disorders at a time or another one of his life. Whether the insomnia is punctual or chronic, you will certainly agree that the consequences of a lack of sleep on your life are as unpleasant as handicapping.

Sleep disorders are becoming more common and the share of the population suffering from them has increased significantly in recent decades to the point that specialists consider them a true epidemic.

The importance of treating insomnia problems
Still, the role of sleep for health is fundamental and lacking it leads to a variety of cognitive disorders and negative consequences for the lives of people as a whole.

Dealing with this problem is therefore essential and comes under the major challenge of the physical and mental well-being of people and their quality of life and personal fulfillment, as well as that of society as a whole.

If you have trouble sleeping, know that your situation is not hopeless. Their profound cause, which for a long time remained obscure for most specialists, no longer holds mystery. She is now well known, here it is:

Inflammation, the main factor causing sleep disorders
Inflammation is a defense response of the body to an aggression, such as infection, injury, or the presence of toxins.

It results in tissue dilation and an increase in metabolism so that the cleansing and repairing elements of white blood cells, oxygen and nutrients in the blood can flow into the affected areas and cleanse , repair and rebuild tissue.

Many studies show a causal link between an inflammation that becomes chronic in response to constant and repeated body aggression by toxic and acidifying products, and most of the diseases we know.

When sleeping, it normally corresponds to a decrease in metabolism and body temperature. However, when the body has to deal with the permanent presence of aggressive products mainly from the digestive system, diet is the main cause of inflammation of the body, it responds with an equally permanent inflammation to fight against the aggressors and perform the cleaning and rebuilding damaged tissue. It is chronic inflammation, the metabolism does not decrease and we can not find sleep.

As a result, the ultimate solution to gain quality sleep is to adopt a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet.

A healthy diet that does not cause inflammation in the body is essential for quality sleep.

Such a diet includes alkalizing foods such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, oily fish, herbs, spices and excludes acidifying foods such as carbohydrates and refined grains, fried foods, prepared meals and meat. transformed.

To sleep better, suppress stimulations such as artificial light or noise and limit electromagnetic radiation as much as possible. Do not take a hearty meal before going to bed because digestion increases the metabolism and therefore affects the quality of sleep.

Promote sleep by soothing the body and mind with relaxation exercises
You can also enjoy moments of relaxation and relaxation such as a hot bath, a massage, meditation or yoga, which is an excellent practice to promote a better sleep and here are some examples of postures and movements to perform a few minutes each evening before bedtime:

Posture of the child
Sit on your knees together, with spreading heels and toes touching each other. Lean your bust forward until your bust rests on your thighs and your forehead touches the ground. Extend the arms forward or along the body.

Posture of the butterfly at rest
Lie on your back, arms outstretched on both sides, palms up. Bend your knees and spread them apart, keeping your feet plant against plant.

Elongated posture with column tension
Lying on your back with your arms extended perpendicular to you, bring your right leg, knee bent, towards the left side until you reach the ground.

Posture of the fish
Lying on your back with your hands under your buttocks, lift your bust by resting on your elbows and your head.

These yoga postures will allow you to stretch your muscles and are a great way to relax and relax the tension accumulated throughout the day. Your sleep will be better.
Do These Movements Before Going To Bed, They Will Make You Sleep Like A Baby