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Parents Who Spend A Lot Of Time On Smartphones Harm The Development Of Their Children

Parents Who Spend A Lot Of Time On Smartphones Harm The Development Of Their Children

Technology is now everywhere around us. At home, at the office, at school and we all have smartphones in our pockets. Although technology has thousands of advantages, it also has its disadvantages, which can even affect the development of our children!

Most often, older generations point to younger generations for their attachment to technology. In reality, parents and the elderly are not left behind. More and more adults are spending a lot of their time on their phones. Moreover, a new study shows that the time spent in front of a screen has a much larger impact than you can imagine.

Time spent in front of a screen causes behavioral problems in toddlers and children

It is obvious that spending too much time in front of the screens can have a negative impact on the physical and mental health of adults, but also children. A new study from the University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital shows that the time parents spend on their smartphones has a devastating impact on the mental health and development of their children.

The researchers found that the more time parents spend on their phones and other devices, even television, the less they interact with their children. When this time between parent and child is cornered by technology, the child feels frustrated and unimportant. This then causes the child to feel the need to act to regain lost attention, most often in a negative way.

The warning of the study
The study looked at 170 two-parent homes in the United States with children a little over three years old. Parents were asked about their personal use of smartphones, laptops, tablets and others: how they use them, when they use them, and for how long. The research focused on how smartphone use interrupts the time afforded to the family, for example by checking text messages during dinner or during play time.

Next, parents were asked to remember how often their child moaned, was hyperactive, irritable or grumpy, or was acting or behaving badly in the last two months. By taking into account stress, anxiety, income, education and other factors related to parents, the study found that even minor interruptions in the parent-child relationship due to technology are associated with problems. behavior of children.

Researchers say that they can not confirm a direct correlation between children's behavior and the level of technology use by their parents, but they agree that there is certainly a relationship, particularly between child and his mother.

How to protect yourself and your family from the negative effects of technology?
Technology is not bad in every way, but when it stops you from having meaningful interactions with your children, you need to take action. There are many ways you can continue to enjoy the technology without compromising the time available to your family.

Limit time in front of screens for everyone
Some parents limit the amount of time spent on the computer or television for their children, but what about themselves? It is important to put in place rules for the whole family, including the parents themselves, which is what ensures that every day they spend uninterrupted time with their children.

No phone on the dinner table
Dinner time is often one of the few occasions when busy families all day have to chat together and share pleasant moments. Having a phone, tablet or other forms of technology on the table leads to distraction and discourages important conversations.

Choose other activities instead of movies
While a family movie night can be fun, in reality watching movies does not allow conversation or interaction, as it requires concentration. Instead, why not replace the movie night with an evening of games? This provides opportunities for parents and children to talk, but also helps to create family traditions and memories that will last much longer than a movie.

Exit and leave the phones at home
Take time out every weekend to go out and do family activities, be it a hike, play ball, park, go bowling or mini golf and leave all the phones and tablets at home, or at least in the car. It is good to forget about social networks, texting, and emails and to spend time with your family.
Parents Who Spend A Lot Of Time On Smartphones Harm The Development Of Their Children