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8 Proofs That Your Boyfriend Really Loves You

8 Proofs That Your Boyfriend Really Loves You

Men and women express their love and affection in different ways, some people are expressive, others are less expressive, but they can always prove it differently. After multiple rewards, it is normal for you to ask yourself if your man likes you or not. He still does not speak but no panic, here are 8 behaviors that show that he is really in love!

Men are often less emotional and expressive than women, but that does not mean that they do not feel love. Some men will express their love with special attention or unexpected behavior. Here is a non-exhaustive list of behaviors that prove that a man is really in love!

Ladies, your attention please!

1. He listens to you attentively:
Men always focus on the things that interest them. So when a man does not just hear you, but is attentive and reacts intelligently, a skill called active listening, you can be sure he is in love with you.

2. He is not afraid to make a sacrifice:
It is often difficult to make sacrifices but when we love, to make it becomes more legitimate. In fact, making sacrifices for your happiness is a great way for a man to demonstrate his love. It will always make you go first, even if it means changing your goals or getting out of your comfort zone.

3. He shows the vulnerability:
Men are generally very cautious about situations of vulnerability, they will avoid showing any behavior that can be perceived by others as a weakness. However, love is able to break this ice, and man is thus free from all these deeply rooted considerations. Transparency reigns at all levels.

4. He likes your look whatever it is:
In a true relationship of love, over futility and place to the harmony of souls. As the relationship evolves, the level of comfort increases and the need to impress the other decreases sharply. The couple feels increasingly free to wander in their pajamas or stain their clothes during a meal alone.

5. He is proud of you:
When love sets in, it becomes very easy for your man to tell everyone how proud he is of you. At every meeting with friends or family, he spends hours talking about your successes and achievements without getting bored!

6. He fights for you:
Although aggression is not a good thing for a man, but it's enough if someone dies in the supermarket or you receive anonymous calls in the middle of the night so that your man in love rides on his big horses! It protects you and it's beautiful ...

7. But not only for you, he fights with you too:
This is obvious, but to avoid offending anyone, it is not about arguments, insults or series of dramas. That said, if a man loves you and emotionally invests in the relationship, he will not be neutral and carefree vis-à-vis a common project on the contrary it will initiate the "fight" to avoid to lose you. He wants things to move between you!

8. He treats your family and friends with respect:
Even if he does not appreciate a member of your family, he will strive to make your family meals go the way you want. He will abuse his courtesy and politeness so that you are proud of your relationship, precisely because he loves you

Emily Dickenson said, "Behavior is what a man does, not what he thinks, feels or believes."