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6 Signs To Leave The Man You Love

6 Signs To Leave The Man You Love

This is an idea that many of us should accept in their lives: the fact that a relationship starts well does not mean that it will be the same for its aftermath. Sometimes you and your man may love you very much and that is not enough to allow the relationship to survive. This is due to the fact that several factors at the same time decide the durability of a relationship.

It is a gross mistake to believe that true love makes a relationship easier. Since the durability of the bond between two people does not depend solely on the feelings they have for each other nor their strength, there are also other factors that lie within the couple. even outside of it and that can make things more complicated, which will test the love, commitment and perseverance of both spouses. And that's quite normal, because life is done that way and is able to surprise us with obstacles of all kinds that we did not expect at all.

Some of the trials that couples experience require them to redouble their efforts and fight for their love. While others reveal that love alone can not solve everything and that we must make a painful decision, certainly, but essential, so that everyone can make his little way without suffering his decisions. There are many women who have experienced such a dilemma and others who are currently in it but who do not know what to do, they feel lost and caught in the middle.

How do you know if the relationship with the man you are in love is worth persevering or if it is better to move on? There are indicators that can reveal it to you. Here they are.

You do not stop fighting again and again for the same problems
If you constantly feel compelled to repeat the same words and arguments, do you think this is a sign of incompatibility with your partner? This proves that you are both unable to live in a real emotional maturity or to go in the same direction, that of the resolution of conflicts on healthy bases. None of you seem to be willing to make concessions or compromise.

You are alone in making an effort
As we can not dance the "slow" alone, so are the efforts in a couple. It's impossible for things to succeed if you're the only one trying to keep things running.

You or your partner have personal problems that prevent you from fully living your relationship

Yes, sometimes it's all about timing and when it's not at all good, things can be hard to move forward. It is sad that this is the only thing that can prevent a couple from developing their relationship and live it as it should. Keep in mind that your partner may have affairs to settle on his side that take a lot of time and energy.

You can not agree on your plans for the future
Your relationship can never go very far if you do not realize that you are a couple and that it is essential to plan things together and have a common vision of what your future should look like.

You can not trust yourself when you are not with each other
This point highlights the lack of confidence that can reign in a couple and gradually destroy it from within until the relationship becomes unlivable despite the feelings you have for each other. This shows how dysfunctional your couple can be.

Your life is not better thanks to this relationship, it's rather the opposite
Life is not supposed to be worse when you're in a relationship, it's supposed to be the opposite. And if you have the impression that life has no flavor compared to when you were single, it is that you are in a toxic relationship from which you should be free.
6 Signs To Leave The Man You Love