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5 Things That Happen When You Meet A Good Guy After A Toxic Relationship

5 Things That Happen When You Meet A Good Guy After A Toxic Relationship

Life is made of ups and downs and the relationships we have with others are important. So it can happen to you, ladies, to find people who mark your life in the most beautiful way just as it is possible that you come across people who pull you down and with whom you constantly have the impression of to be trapped. But when you manage to get rid of it, then it is very likely that life offers you a nice surprise.

The moment you meet a good partner after leaving a toxic relationship, your heart is always broken and fragile, so your vision of romance is temporarily biased and disfigured. This comes down to the fact that after your past wounds, your heart ends up wrapping a shell in order to protect itself because it does not expect to meet such a special man, so you'll have to take time to become familiar with being with someone who makes you happy. A process that will go through several stages:

You feel both grateful and terrified of being with such a person. You are certainly happy to have met him, but it also scares you because your heart has never known anything but sorrow. You expect him to stop "playing the role of the good guy" and give you up without notice, something your heart has become accustomed to. But in reality, a man worthy of the name will never leave you.

Even if he stays by your side, you start to doubt his motives. When he talks to other women, you start to get ideas even if you know they are not well founded. When he compliments you, you constantly try to dissect them in order to find any meaning hidden or implied, yet these are sincere words. You continue to scrutinize, with a certain sense of detail, his least words, texts or acts in the hope of spotting the slightest snag. But the truth is that this one does not play this kind of dishonest games.

Back to reality
As your man will prove his sincerity by his behavior, you will begin to see things for what they are, that there is a real difference between your current situation and the toxic relationship in which you lived before. You really have some attention now, unlike before, when you were never entitled to compliments in front of others or to messages of love during the day. But your partner proves that he loves you by his words and his deeds.

Your heart begins to experience the difference between true love and the illusion of love. Therefore, you see with a more lucid eye what your past relationships were built on, fake love. You finally realize the falseness of everything that seemed pleasing to you in your past experiences and you realize that it was only powder in the eyes. You finally get to see the difference between someone who only tells you what you want to hear and someone who says what he really wants to tell you. Because a man who really loves you tells you things as he feels them.

When you realize how true your darling love is, you feel so grateful that your old relationships did not work. You come to the conclusion that you only cry and suffer for things that were not worth it and were not meant to change at all. You realize that everything you had lived was doomed to failure and that no happy ending was possible.

You are now convinced that a real man who loves you will always be better than any boy.
5 Things That Happen When You Meet A Good Guy After A Toxic Relationship