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That's What Happens To Your Body When You Sleep Less Than 6 Hours A Day

That's What Happens To Your Body When You Sleep Less Than 6 Hours A Day

Lack of sleep is the daily lot of many people these days. This can be explained by the technological progress that marks our century and that has made a majority of people focus on some gadgets like the mobile phone and literally make it an inherent part of their daily routine. But what many people do not know is that such a rhythm of life gradually ruins our body.

As you most certainly know, any excess is not good and this is especially true when it comes to the issue of lack of sleep that can be dangerous and have long-term repercussions on our health. But nowadays, more and more people are sacrificing some of the rest that their body deserves for professional reasons or just because they have made bad habits with their phone, computer, or whatever keeping entertained until late hours of the night.

But in fact, none of this excuses not sleeping enough. But sleeping enough hours per night should even be at the top of our list of priorities and what further demonstrates the urgency of the situation is that the American Academy for Sleep Medicine has sounded the alarm by pointing out that one in three adults today suffers from a lack of sleep. Here is an overview of what such a lifestyle can have as consequences for your health:

Lack of oxygen
Your body starts to run out of oxygen within 48 hours, so your physical abilities gradually wear off, which will often make you feel slow. After 72 hours, the body begins to feel restless, you have trouble concentrating and you are more likely to have an accident if you drive.

Difficulty speaking
That's what you just read, not sleeping enough hours will affect your ability to communicate. Research conducted by the US military has shown that "losing one hour of sleep a night for a week is enough to produce a cognitive impairment comparable to a blood alcohol level of 10%. "

Loss of memory
Just as it is the case in any business, the brain also makes its accounts and this is the case every time we sleep. This process is called by scientists "slow waves" and it is responsible for consolidating our memory. Such an operation is triggered only in deep sleep, which brings us back to the fact that insufficient sleep directly affects memory.

As lack of sleep significantly affects intelligence and memory, you must without a doubt become twice as productive as usual. You will need to reduce your week from 5 to 4 days and your daily work hours to be more fit and more productive. Henry Ford had already demonstrated that a long time ago.

You notice it quite easily every time you stay up late to work for a week or two, your behavior will change and you will be more negative than ever. You will even tend to avoid others and become particularly irritable.

Drop of libido 
Unfortunately, lack of productivity and depression are not the only negative effects of a lack of permanent sleep, as this affects our libido as well. Doctors say that men with sleep apnea have low testosterone levels, for the simple reason that they have poor sleep and poor quality sleep. What about someone who does not sleep enough?

Easy weight gain
Not getting enough sleep automatically pushes us to consume more food, especially high caloric foods. Add to this the fact that this same person will not move more and that it will probably be more sedentary and you get the perfect formula of being overweight. A word of advice, take the time to sleep well!

Accelerated aging
Last but not least, lack of sleep speeds up the aging process of your body. This starts with the fact that when you are not sleeping enough, your body produces significantly more cortisol, a hormone that increases stress throughout the body. Something that makes the body produce much less somatropin, which is none other than the human growth hormone responsible for stimulating cell growth and reproduction.
That's What Happens To Your Body When You Sleep Less Than 6 Hours A Day