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What Happens To Men When They Meet A Single Woman For A Long Time

What Happens To Men When They Meet A Single Woman For A Long Time

Meeting a hard-core bachelor is not always easy because this kind of women often has a strong character. These women are used to doing things alone and may feel a sense of fear when it comes time to consider a place for you, Sir, in their lives. We will help you to take the step to allow you to build together a beautiful relationship.

A girl who is used to being alone will not look like any other girl you have ever loved in the past. No doubt about it! Her feelings will be harder to break and she will build walls to protect herself. Because for a long time, she was alone to ensure her own protection and they are precisely there: her walls.

It's a part of her that she built on her own, it's her world that she protects. They are at the same time a source of protection and an identity. It's the shell or carapace of a place she has made, a life she has built, a world that belongs to her alone.

Get a place
So finding a space for someone is going to be difficult for her, it's going to be a challenge. A girl who is used to being alone will probably say (at one time or another) that she "does not need you". She'll reveal variations of "I can do it myself", "I'm not scared alone" and "I have the situation right in my hands" so often that she starts to look like an old woman whimpering the same thing like an old scratched record.

And to some extent, everything is true. She can probably do it herself. You do not really need to worry about it. Just as she is used to dealing with all kinds of situations.

It is precisely because she can do it herself and she probably does not need you that we can say that she appreciates you for your personality if she agrees to make you a place in her. life. She can appreciate you being there to support her morally and not physically. It's not because she can walk alone on the road that she does not appreciate your company.

Better understand it ...
In truth, being alone creates after a certain time a comfort zone that becomes a safe space. It is easier to respond only to one's actions or to worry only about oneself. As in some professional situations where the line manager can not delegate for fear of losing control. And although sometimes solitary, it is to be in a loneliness softer and familiar to such a point that one finds it almost beautiful.
So when someone comes in and shakes this world and this loneliness, it can be disruptive.

The fear of getting lost
It's an upheaval not only for her world, for her routine, but also for what she knows. It will therefore take a time of adjustment. There will be ups and downs. There will be fear not only because she will be hesitant to let you into her world, to let you climb her walls, to invite you into her life. But there will also be the fear of letting you in and trusting you. Because to give you a place is to accept that she will stop being comfortable on her own and that she will start to be only comfortable with you. This intrinsic fear of being in a relationship results from the question "What will I become if he leaves? ". When you love a hard-core bachelor, you love a girl who is afraid of having to relearn how to live in pairs. You say, "Please, let me in" as she says, "Please, do not leave".

It's easy to be independent once you get used to it, but getting used to it is often a difficult battle. It's reliving this incredibly difficult journey that she dreads.

Be ready to stay and hold his hand. If she says, "I can do it," answer "But I can help you." Be prepared to learn about your life, your world, and find a way to respect it while being a part of it.

Be prepared to climb his walls to reach his heart and be ready to never worry about what's going on outside. Because if you really do it, she'll be ready to never let you go.
What Happens To Men When They Meet A Single Woman For A Long Time