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Cinnamon Will Help You Get Rid Of Ants Forever

Cinnamon Will Help You Get Rid Of Ants Forever

Cinnamon is a very popular spice in our kitchens; it brings a very special aroma and taste to our dishes. In addition, it has considerable health benefits, such as slowing the onset of Alzheimer's disease, fight against hypertension and acts as a powerful antioxidant to fight against free radicals. However, his virtues do not stop there. It also acts as a powerful repellent for insects, especially ants.

As harmless as they are, ants become a real handicap, especially as they find it a pleasure to colonize our homes. Different types of insecticides exist in commerce to exterminate them, however, their chemicals are harmful to our health as well as to that of our family, and can lead to ailments, such as rash, nausea or headache, not to mention respiratory problems.

A cure based on cinnamon has proved its effectiveness, the secret of which has long been overshadowed by the manufacturers of repellents. It's a way, healthy, easy, effective and cheaply.

How does cinnamon act to keep ants away?
To understand how cinnamon acts as an ant repellent, one must first understand the mechanism of operation of the latter. During their quest for food, ants produce pheromones, known as runway pheromones. Thus, they can send the information to their companions and direct them to the place where the sweet foods are and all the food that can attract them. Ants use the pheromone trail to guide and follow each other using their distinctive smell. Note that the highly developed sense of ants allows them to smell the pheromone smell, which is not the case for a human being.

Although the aroma of cinnamon is nice, it is still too powerful for ants. It acts to disrupt their olfactory system. Thus, when ants smell of cinnamon, they are smothered and can smell no other smell. As a result, they turn back to find another place to find food.

How to use cinnamon as a repellent

Cinnamon powder
Its use is very simple, just sprinkle the cinnamon around the house and in the location by which they are likely to enter. You can also sprinkle cinnamon on window sills, doors, cracks and around garbage bags. Thus, they will turn away from the usual path and at the same time create a barrier to their intrusion.

Tip: replace the cinnamon powder if it gets wet.

Cinnamon in the form of essential oil is even more potent than cinnamon powder.

With cotton: You can coat a piece of cotton with cinnamon essential oil and wipe the edges of windows, doors and all the passageways of ants. With this tip, you will have in addition, a pleasant scent for the whole day.

With a vaporizer: you can mix 20 drops of cinnamon essential oil with 60 ml of water and spray all the places colonized by the ants.

Cinnamon in form of sticks
The cinnamon sticks can be arranged on all the passages of the ants or on the points of entry of their lodgings.
Cinnamon Will Help You Get Rid Of Ants Forever