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Dream Job: A Company Offers 850$ A Day To Eat Pizza

Dream Job: A Company Offers 850$ A Day To Eat Pizza

How about a good time relaxing in your garden, quiet and quiet, while enjoying a good pizza? And how about getting paid for it? No, it's not a joke! This is what Ooni, a kitchenware company, is looking for to recruit pizza tasters and testers for its various equipment, while offering a substantial salary.

The new dream job
On September 13th, the Ooni cookware company posted a very attractive job: they are looking for pizza tasters and utensils testers of the brand, whose main task will be to cook pizzas and enjoy them all day, giving their impressions and comments on the different equipment they have used, all for a salary that can climb up to 850$ per day!

We also learn by browsing in more detail the job offer of the company, that the hired will have the task, in addition to concoct their own pizzas by giving free rein to their creative genius, to present the fruit of their work as well as the brand's products worldwide through social networks and promotional events.

The profiles sought are those of people who have already acquired culinary skills in the field of pizza, and especially great enthusiasts to prepare delicious meals and share them with their loved ones.

Regardless of where postulants live in the world, they have all been able to apply for this unique offer, which they had until last Sunday. We only have to wait to discover the lucky ones.

Why do people like pizza so much?
At a time when France is the second largest consumer of pizza in the world after the United States, such an issue is probably not discorded. Why is pizza so delicious?

The umami
Umami is considered one of the five basic flavors with sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Meaning "delicious" in Japanese, it gives food a rich and tasty taste.

Our sense of umami is stimulated by glutamate, a substance found naturally in many ingredients, and especially in parmesan, roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, mushrooms and also proteins animals like beef and chicken. Thus, the more a food contains by the combination of these various ingredients, the more it is tasty. This is how pizza, which has most ingredients rich in glutamate, is almost irresistible.

The trio salt + sugar + fat
The perfect combination of sugar, salt and fat in a food gives what is known in English as the "bliss point", the point of ecstasy where we feel intense pleasure and that makes us dive in addiction. However, many pizza recipes include both fat (in cheese in particular), salt, and sugar (whether in the dough or sauce), an association that helps to give the pizza its taste so delicious.

Pizza, is it good for you?
While some pizzas may be healthy, most of those available on the market rarely have other effects than being harmful to our health. Their high content of refined sugars and grains, sodium and hydrogenated fats - the very ingredients that make them so good - actually turn out to be poisons if they are abused.

Sugar and refined grains
Sugars and refined grains are among the main causes of health problems. Pizza dough is essentially made from refined wheat flour, which is deprived of most of the fiber, vitamins and minerals of the whole grain and to which sugar has often been added. White flour also gives the pizza dough a higher glycemic index than pure sucrose.

Trans fats and saturated fats
The dough of the industrial pizza, its sauce, its cheese and possibly its meat all contain in most cases variable doses of bad fat which make it a food to avoid if one wishes to remain in good health.

We know that excessive salt intake can lead to many health problems. However, it happens that a single pizza contains more than the daily dose recommended by nutritionists.

Lovers of pizza, let's cook ours at home, with good vegetables and healthy and complete ingredients.
Dream Job: A Company Offers 850$ A Day To Eat Pizza