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Researchers Say People Who Consume Pepper Will Be Able To Live Longer

Researchers Say People Who Consume Pepper Will Be Able To Live Longer

Cousin pepper, it is for its zesty taste that the red pepper is also popular in some parts of the world such as India or Mexico, where it enters the composition of many dishes. As its popularity in our countries increases, studies on this food are more numerous and tend to show its health benefits. For example, two researchers at the University of Vermont revealed a link between chili consumption and a reduced rate of early mortality.

Eating peppers regularly may reduce your chances of dying prematurely

According to a study by the University of Vermont in the United States, people who regularly eat hot pepper would be 13% less likely to die prematurely than those who do not consume. According to the results of the researchers, the mortality rate would be the opposite of that of chili consumption. Thus, the more a person consumes, the less likely he would die early. Eating chilli would allow to live longer.

To explain this link between chilli pepper and the mortality rate, the researchers speculated that it is capsaicin, an active substance contained in pepper, known for its role in preventing obesity and for its action. regulator of blood flow, which would be involved.

Thus, for the authors of the study, peppers "could be a beneficial element of the diet".

The benefits of pepper for health

Here are some examples of the benefits you can get from eating chilli.

Pepper soothes the digestive system
Capsaicin is the compound that causes the sensation of pungency when we eat hot pepper. It is this same substance which, because it reduces the level of acidity of the digestive tract, has an anti-irritant effect for the stomach and the intestines, and which promotes a good digestion by stimulating the secretion of saliva and gastric juices.

Pepper is good for the heart
Consuming chili pepper regularly helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and the formation of deposits on the arterial walls. Chili also has a vasodilating effect that allows better blood circulation.

Pepper relieves joint pain and migraines
Capsaicin has powerful painkilling properties. When applied to the skin, the pepper reduces the power of the signals transmitting the sensation of pain from the body to the brain.

Thus, by consuming chilli, your strong pains are reduced, including headaches and migraines.

Pepper increases the metabolism
Because pepper increases the body's metabolism, it consumes more energy, and you lose weight more easily. The pepper also acts as an appetite suppressant that, when consumed early in the day, will act until evening.

Pepper reduces your risk of developing cancer
Because capsaicin has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, chilli prevents cancer and helps the body fight it.

Pepper is anti-infective, antiviral and antifungal
Thanks in particular to its antioxidant compounds, peppers help strengthen the body's immune system and fight the flu, colds or fungal infections. In addition, chilli was shown to be effective against sixteen different fungal strains.

Pepper against bad breath
Chili is a natural disinfectant that, by killing some bacteria in the mouth, helps neutralize odors.

Tip: What to do if you have burning mouth?
If you happen to have eaten too much chili in one bite and have your mouth on fire, you must have had the reflex to drink water to appease your burning sensation.

And you have no doubt noticed that the water was in this case only a poor efficiency. The reason for this is that the compound that causes the pungent sensation, capsaicin, is not soluble in water, but rather in fat. It is therefore by eating a fatty food such as cheese or a fatty drink, or by rinsing your mouth with oil that you are more likely to feel relieved.

Important: If you suffer from irritable bowel or hemorrhoids, it is strictly forbidden to consume pepper.
Consume Pepper Will Be Able To Live Longer