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Farmers Reveal The Trick That Keeps Strawberries Very Long

Farmers Reveal The Trick That Keeps Strawberries Very Long

Strawberries, a valuable element in a healthy diet. Anyone who wants to change their eating habits to eat healthier will know that fruits are an important part of the equation. And strawberries are an ally of weight in this process since they contain a lot of benefits for our body starting with their water richness, which guarantees a good daily hydration. It is also about flavonoids known for their antioxidant power and some of which even have a favorable effect in the prevention of cancer. The presence of fiber in this fruit is not, at all, to prove and as you probably know, the fibers play a key role in improving digestion and intestinal transit.

This fruit is also an excellent source of manganese, it is a nutrient capable of stimulating several enzymes facilitating more than one metabolic process in our body. Not to mention the fact that manganese helps in the fight against free radicals. Strawberries are also very rich in vitamin C, a vitamin very effective in strengthening the immune system and fighting colds and different types of infections. And it is not the only vitamin that can be found, since strawberry also contains vitamin B9 famous for its innumerable virtues, especially for pregnant women and embryonic development.

How to preserve the freshness of your strawberries then?
Now that we've looked at the benefits of this fruit, you may need to ask yourself how you can keep it for as long as you can without throwing it in the trash each time. Fortunately, people familiar with this product, namely farmers, have a trick to give us and that ensures very good preservation of the freshness and flavor of your strawberries.

Make sure you have some items on hand first. You will need:
  • A large bowl or a larger container (depending on the amount of strawberries you have)
  • A colander
  • White vinegar
  • Some water
  • Note first of all that the purpose of white vinegar here is to eliminate bacteria and mold spores with the acetic acid it contains.

Method to follow:
First, try to wash the strawberries thoroughly to get rid of all the impurities and dust that can accumulate on their surface. Then put them in a basin before adding half a cup of white vinegar and a cup of water.

Let stand for a few minutes then rinse your strawberries in a colander. Then dry them with a clean cloth or just by leaving them in the colander.

Make sure your strawberries are not wet, otherwise they may mold later.

Some more tips for good strawberry conservation
  • Keeping the strawberry stalks until they are consumed further improves their conservation.
  • Immediately isolate strawberries that have been previously affected by mold so that it does not spread and does not reach other strawberries.

Some precautions to take
  • The strawberry has a substance called "histamine", which is why it is not recommended for people with allergic disorders.
  • This fruit is also not recommended for people with colitis, gastritis or ulcers.
  • Prefer organic strawberries with a compact texture and a bright red color and very bright.
Farmers Reveal The Trick That Keeps Strawberries Very Long