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I Am 70 Years Old And I Do Not Have A Single Joint Pain Thanks To This Trick

I Am 70 Years Old And I Do Not Have A Single Joint Pain Thanks To This Trick

Joint pain can occur during physical activity, at rest and even while you sleep. They always remain disabling and impact everyday life. A new survey claimed that 93% of population suffer from joint pain and nearly 10 million suffer from osteoarthritis. It is clear, therefore, that joint diseases are not related solely to aging.

The human body has about 400 joints, most of which are well lubricated until a certain age when cartilage deterioration and hardening of certain tissues begin to occur.

The different joint pains
Traumatic pain that is related to an accident, a blow or a bad stretch.

Inflammatory pain that can appear on the tendons or other joints that often cause arthritis.

Mechanical pain that is related to the deterioration of cartilage in case of osteoarthritis or malformation of the affected limb.

Other diseases can cause joint pain such as "gout", viruses and bacteria.

The difference between arthritis and osteoarthritis
It is important to distinguish the difference between these two conditions of the 

If you have a pain that wakes you up at night and you notice swelling and redness, this is due to inflammation that results in arthritis.

If, however, your joint is hard after a long period of inactivity and your pain gradually decreases with mobility, then your pain is mechanical and results in osteoarthritis.

Anti-inflammatories and analgesics, are often prescribed in these cases of affections and only a specialized doctor makes the diagnosis and will propose a suitable treatment. Although these treatments are effective in treating these disabling pain, they have side effects, harmful to the body, especially on the stomach.

A natural remedy based on a common food helps fight these joint pain to find the normal function of our joints and find a pleasant daily life.

It is a Russian remedy based on a known food: eggplant. This vegetable helps reduce joint pain and slow the progression of the disease. A 70-year-old woman experienced him and never suffered joint pain. It can be consumed as a drink or used externally as a massage lotion.

The components and benefits of eggplant on joints
Historically speaking, eggplant was shunned in antiquity. Its dark color induced a false belief about it and made it a toxic vegetable. Its benefits have become known progressively, especially in India, where it has been considered an essential health remedy, especially for cardiovascular diseases and joint pain.

For cardiovascular diseases

- Eggplant is a powerful antioxidant and very effective in reducing bad LDL cholesterol

- Eggplant water helps to stimulate blood circulation, to prevent clogging of the arteries.

For joint diseases
The flavonoids contained in eggplant, are essential to fight joint pain by reducing infections and inflammation, especially in cases of arthritis.

It also contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, B1, B2, and E, as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus. It also contains folic acid, fiber, and carbohydrates. All of these components are effective for strengthening joints, muscles and cartilage.
  • Eggplant remedy
  • ingredients
  • 1 eggplant
  • 1 liter of water

Boil a liter of water. Remove from heat and add an eggplant cut into slices. Keep the eggplant skin, it contains the greatest number of antioxidants. Let the water cool and filter the mixture. Keep 750 milliliters of this water on one side and keep the rest in another container.

In internal use
Consume the 750 milliliters in 3 parts by distributing them in the day before meals. The first drink should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, the second before lunch and the third before sleeping.

In external use
With remaining liquid remaining, add 50 milliliters of olive oil and mix. Then apply on the painful areas at bedtime, massaging gently. You can put a bandage in order to keep the affected part warm and especially so that the product penetrates well into the skin.

It is important to emphasize that some foods can relieve joint pain, while others increase inflammation. Also, a complete diet can overcome these ailments. Introduce a vegetarian diet, omega-3, anti-oxidant oils (eg olive oil), fish, legumes and fruits. It would be inadvisable to consume omega-6, present in some oils (soy or sunflower), which contain linoleic acids. They can increase inflammation, as well as red meat and refined products.

Nevertheless, before any food restriction, it is advisable to talk to your doctor.
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