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Your Man Takes Advantage Of You And You Do Not Even Know It (Here's How To Find Out)

Your Man Takes Advantage Of You And You Do Not Even Know It (Here's How To Find Out)

One of the most important things women look for in a man is sincerity. They always want a man to be genuine in his intentions and to love them for who they are. No woman would want to go out with a selfish man who starts a relationship thinking only of himself. However, some women will have the misfortune to have romantic relationships with men who will only use them for their own interests. How can we recognize this type of man? Here are the telltale signs that a man uses you!

12 signs that he uses you and you do not even know

1. He is selfish
If your man thinks only of himself, of his well-being and always puts what he wants above all else, you should take that as a sign, and begin to take a step back. This man will never be able to empathize and try to make efforts for your own comfort.

2. He is not authentic
Those around you who have your friends and family can be good advice for you on this. If they notice that your partner is wrong and that he puts on a mask to hide his true personality, then never neglect this remark, because it is very important to have the opinion of someone outside the relationship, since love can often make you blind.

3. He does not like you interacting with his family
If your man does not introduce you to his family and friends, and does not give you the opportunity to interact with them, consider this a sign because he does not want you to be part of his life, and he try to keep your relationship in the shadows, surely for your own sake.

4. He does not care about your feelings
If your man does not care about your feelings, and rather gives importance to his, then he can never be a man you can rely on. In his head, only his person exists in this relationship.

5. He depends on you financially
If your partner comes to you only to give him money to help him with his financial problems, then he is certainly not in love with you. He uses you asking you to lend him money, and since he knows you're in love with him, you're not going to refuse and you're not going to ask him to give you the money, what's better to enjoy a person. However, as soon as you have problems, he will be the first to flee.

6. He is fickle with you
He is never consistent in his behavior with you, your relationship always depends on his mood, and is often unstable. This situation indicates that it is certainly not the right partner for you.

7. He does not express his feelings for you
Expressing your feelings often in a relationship is proof of the partner's sincerity. If your man does not express his feelings for you or even what he feels at certain moments of life, it is a clear sign that he is not sincere to you.

8. He often disappears
Do you go out with a man who completely ignores you and comes to talk to you again as if nothing had happened? He may be with you today, but he becomes unavailable and unreachable the next day, it is a clear sign that he uses you. This man prefers to disappear than to face reality and be honest with you.

9. You do not really know him
Your relationship is superficial and tends to focus only on the physical aspect rather than developing a sentimental and spiritual connection. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can understand that he is with you only for his own personal enjoyment.

10. He is interested in other women
One of the greatest signs of a man's sincerity can be noticed by the way he behaves with other women. If you are at a party and continue to watch other women and even try to approach them, then this man is playing with you rather than being in love.

11. He does not respect you
Respect is a crucial thing in any relationship. If a man is not respectful to you, then he does not deserve to be with you or your love. If he stays with you anyway, it shows that he does it for his own needs.

12. He avoids conversations related to commitment
A man who does not want to engage with you will always try to flee the discussions related to this topic. If your man does not want to take that relationship to a higher level, then it's a clear sign that it's not right for you, and that he's probably just using you.
Man Takes Advantage Of You