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Mobile Phones, Tablets And Wifi Could Kill You Slowly

Mobile Phones, Tablets And Wifi Could Kill You Slowly

Nowadays, it has almost become impossible to avoid electromagnetic waves. Mobile phones, tablets and Wi-Fi are everywhere: in our homes, schools, workplaces and even in shopping malls and public places, we are constantly bombarded by these harmful waves for our organization.

What are electromagnetic waves?
Electromagnetic waves are particles that move in space while oscillating and following a path in a straight line. They carry an electric charge and a magnetic charge.

Electromagnetic waves all have the same speed. However, they are different from each other by their wavelength and oscillation frequency.

The electromagnetic spectrum
The electromagnetic spectrum is the classification of waves according to their frequency. High frequency waves have more energy and are the most dangerous for living beings. Ultraviolet rays and X-rays are among them. As for the low frequency waves, we literally bathe there, and we can mention among them the infrared rays, the radio waves or the microwaves. Radio waves and microwaves are those that our devices emit mainly.

Rising worry about the airwaves
At a time when telephone operators are developing the future 5G network, a faster and more powerful network, at frequencies of nearly 3 GHz, electromagnetic waves are raising more and more concerns and mistrust regarding their impact on living organisms.

Damage from wifi and other electromagnetic waves
An exposure as extreme as ours and almost constant is anything but harmless and indeed causes a whole host of abnormal reactions in our body, here are some examples:

- People who tend to use WiFi in the evening before sleeping have reported insomnia problems such as difficulty falling asleep or poor sleep quality.

- According to some studies, WiFi and mobile networks can affect the good development of fetuses in their mothers' womb and their future health. Prenatal exposure to electromagnetic radiation has been correlated with an increased risk of asthma and obesity in young children.

- A Danish study found that electromagnetic radiation prevented the growth of plants when seeds were placed near a router, compared to an environment without radiation.

- We knew that the heat of laptops could kill sperm, but the radiation of phones can also, by causing the production of free radicals, cause changes in the DNA of sperm and slow their mobility.

- WiFi waves can also increase and disrupt the heart rate.

Here are some tips to limit your exposure to electromagnetic fields:
- Keep your mobile phone as far away from you as possible, whether you sleep during the day

- Do not store your mobile phone in a place where it is in direct contact with you, such as in your pocket

- Prefer the connection of your devices to the internet by cable rather than by WiFi

- Turn off WiFi before going to sleep

- Turn off WiFi when you leave your home, to protect your neighbors and your pets

- Place the router in a location away from the rooms where you and your family spend the most time

- Do not let your children play with phones and tablets and do not offer them

- Spend less time in the most exposed places and more time outdoors in nature

- Occasionally put your phone in airplane mode

- Avoid Bluetooth headphones that work like WiFi mini antennas

- Do not put your computer or tablet against you and your thighs

- Unplug your devices when you use them because they emit more radiation when they are connected than when they are on battery

- Avoid gadgets like connected watches that emit constant radiation.
Mobile Phones, Tablets And Wifi Could Kill You Slowly