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If Your Refrigerator Is Too Small, Here Are 15 Products That You Can Safely Remove To Save Space

If Your Refrigerator Is Too Small, Here Are 15 Products That You Can Safely Remove To Save Space

Because no one has ever taught us how to preserve different foods in a kitchen, the places where many of us store our food are often much more of habit and intuition than specific knowledge. in conservation. The refrigerator, in particular, is a device specially designed to preserve food, so that we sometimes tend to put in everything and anything.

To help you better organize your kitchen and optimize the preservation of the food you have at home, here is a list of items that do not need to be refrigerated to stay good.

1. Bread and pastries
Storing bread, cakes and cookies in the refrigerator speeds up their expiration. Better to store them at room temperature in airtight containers.

2. Potatoes, tomatoes and onions
The cold transforms the starches of potatoes into sugar, and alters their flavor and that of onions and tomatoes, in addition to changing the consistency of the latter.
Storing these vegetables in the vegetable basket is the best way to preserve their taste.

3. Avocado and stone fruits
Like avocados, many fruits continue to ripen after being picked, and for this they need air and light. Put them in a dish or basket in the open air and daylight until they develop all their flavors and become softer and juicier.

4. Whole melons
Chilling the melons makes them lose their antioxidants, substances that we have every interest in consuming because of their important health benefits. While waiting to start them, place them outside the refrigerator.

5. Garlic
Put garlic in the refrigerator one day and you will not start again, because it will embalm the whole interior. Garlic can be kept very well in the open air, in a small ventilated basket for example.

6. Ground coffee
Putting the coffee beans or ground coffee in the refrigerator will increase their moisture content, which will affect their taste and speed up the process of decay. Instead, place them in an airtight box and away from heat.

7. Red fruits and berries
Putting these fruits in the refrigerator will increase the risks they will degrade and increase the rate at which they will deteriorate.

8. Hot sauce, soy sauce and vinaigrette
Hot sauces and dressing do not need the cold to stay in good condition. Putting them in the refrigerator alters their taste and, for hot sauces, it dulls their zest and changes their consistency.

As for soy sauce, its high salt content allows it to stay good even when stored at room temperature.

9. Honey
Honey sugar tends to crystallize when placed in the refrigerator. Stored in a cupboard, it is kept months, even years.

10. Spices and basil
The cold refrigerator kills the flavors of basil and spices. Instead, keep these in your closets. As for basil, keep it in a vase while changing the water regularly.

11. The oils
Apart from the nut oil that needs to be refrigerated, the oils become thicker in the refrigerator, in addition to losing their softness.

12. Peanut butter and nuts
Neither nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, other nuts, nor peanut butter need to be refrigerated to stay good.

13. Pickles, ketchup and vinegar
Pickles contain enough salt and brine to stay good for long enough. As for vinegar, it can remain in good condition for long months if it is stored in a dark closet.

As for the ketchup, although storing it in the refrigerator prolongs somewhat its shelf life, the latter is already long enough that it is necessary to put it in a cupboard.

14. The butter
The butter, when placed in an airtight container at room temperature, can be kept for two weeks. Although this time is much lower than that of chilled butter, it is, like the spreads, much smoother and pleasant to spread as well as when it is cold.

15. The peppers
Peppers do not need to be cool to stay good if they are still whole. The vegetable basket will do just fine.

If Your Refrigerator Is Too Small, Here Are 15 Products That You Can Safely Remove To Save Space