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A Scientist Says You Must Not Kill Spiders In Your Home

A Scientist Says You Must Not Kill Spiders In Your Home

Spiders are an essential part of the ecosystem. They are predators that feed on insects; they are given the merit of contributing to the equilibrium and good distribution of the world of insects. However, one in four French people say they are afraid and will not hesitate to eliminate them if they have the misfortune to cross his path. But should we kill spiders in our homes? We must believe that no, according to an entomologist. Here's why.
Ecological role of spiders

Contrary to popular belief, spiders play a key role in maintaining a clean environment. In France, there are about 1600 different types of spiders and help to clean gardens and houses of unwanted insects. As ferocious predators, they catch a large amount of insects each year. Also, whatever the reputation that these small animals enjoy, they remain nonetheless harmless and do not threaten in any way human life.

What entomologists think

Matt Bertone, an entomologist and some of his colleagues at North Carolina State University surveyed 50 homes in which potential spiders could be found. Their purpose was to inventory the arthropod species with which a majority of human beings shared their homes. The "house smugglers" and "pholques" were the most widespread.

These two species weave their webs to trap insects such as flies, mosquitoes or wasps, which can potentially be disease carriers. Also, killing a spider is an act of killing an innocent being and is a necessary predator of the ecosystem of your homes. Likewise, killing a spider will not only cost his life but will eliminate an omnipotent hunter from your home.

Can spiders be dangerous to human life
It is understandable to be afraid of spiders who are all repulsive by their appearance and horrify more than one. However, we must know that few species bite humans, especially since their venom is rarely dangerous for the life of a human being.

Having spiders at home is a sign of a healthy place.
In addition to the fact that these arthropods clean your homes of many insects, they are also a symbol of a healthy home. Indeed, spiders flee polluted places and confined or wet places. If they weave their webs at home, it means that the environment of your home is healthy.

Do not eliminate your spiders
Although it's something most people find hard to accept, do not kill spiders, according to the entomologists. If you do not like to see them in your homes, you can get rid of them otherwise. Instead of crushing them, move them to another location in your home, such as the garage or cellar. You can also capture them and let them go outside. They will find other places to build their paintings.

Where does the spider phobia come from?
The fear of spiders or "arachnophobia" has not always been the subject of specific studies because few people try to cure this phobia.

Arachonophobia can have several origins:
  • It can be genetic and inherited from generation to generation by forging itself in the subconscious of everyone.
  • It can be cultural; thus the bad reputation of spiders can be transmitted from family to family and is embedded in all manners.

A Scientist Says You Must Not Kill Spiders In Your Home