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Stop Buying Avocados, You Can Grow Them In A Small Pot At Home

Stop Buying Avocados, You Can Grow Them In A Small Pot At Home

Stop buying the Avocados

Avocado ... This delicious fruit with a creamy texture is incredibly good for your health. Rich in fiber, good lipids, minerals and antioxidants, it contains in its tender and tasty flesh more than twenty vitamins. To have beautiful avocados at home, grow your own avocado.

Planting a fruit tree is always a good idea. Although an avocado tree can take more than 8 years to develop and give its first fruits, the result is still worth the trouble we gave ourselves and the patience we have shown.

Here's how to simply grow an avocado from a avocado pit.

Grow an avocado

1. Core preparation
To begin, cut an avocado and get the kernel. Rinse thoroughly to remove any flesh residue from the surface and dry.

2. Germination of the nucleus in a glass of water
Place your avocado kernel upside down and, following an imaginary horizontal line on its most domed portion, plant three equidistant toothpicks and gently tilted upward.

Drop the stung core on top of a glass of water, resting on the toothpicks. Just fill the glass with enough water to immerse half of the core, then place it in a sunny spot. Change the water regularly.

The seed should develop a root in a few weeks. It is from this moment that you will be able to plant it.

Stop buying the Avocados

3. Seedling of the seed and maintenance of the plant
Fill a pot of potting soil and plant the sprouted seed (which you have removed toothpicks) in the ground, so that it exceeds half. Make sure that the pot is as sunny as possible and that the soil is always moist and well drained.

Avocados are tropical plants that do not tolerate cold or frost. Place your small tree in a sunny place, sheltered from the wind and temperatures below 15 ° C. As it grows, it will repot in a larger pot.

Water your avocado generously and wait each time the soil has dried slightly before watering again.

Fertilize your land with a fertilizer specially developed for avocados and citrus trees.

Stop buying the Avocados

Harvest the fruit of his labor
After a few years, your avocado tree will be able to give its first fruits. The avocados remain firm as long as they are connected to the tree and can remain there for several months. Do not pick them until they reach maximum size. Once picked, they will ripen after one to two weeks.

To slow down the process of ripening your avocados once picked, put them in the refrigerator. If you want to accelerate it instead, place them with apples on a plate or in the same paper bag.

Once ripe, enjoy and taste your avocados in tartare, with a vinaigrette or on a toast.

Stop buying the Avocados

Avocado recipe with eggs and smoked salmon


∙ 2 avocados
∙ 4 eggs
∙ 2 slices of smoked salmon
∙ olive oil
∙ basil
∙ a few pinches of chilli powder


- Preheat the oven to 200 ° C.

- Open the avocados by cutting them in half and pitting them.

- Remove enough flesh from the center of each avocado half to leave enough room for the smoked salmon and egg.

- Place half a slice of smoked salmon in each cavity and add an egg over it.

- Bake 10 minutes.

Add a drizzle of olive oil to the avocado halves, sprinkle with chili powder and add a few basil leaves.

Stop buying the Avocados