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5 Tips For Choosing Friends From Psychologists

5 Tips For Choosing Friends From Psychologists

In your circle of friends, do you know someone who does not bother to accept the bitter truth? Someone who has the audacity to share his opinion and his ideas, even if his idea is in contradiction with the others? If so, then stay hooked on this friendship!

Honesty is one of the major elements of a healthy relationship. But in reality, difficult to find someone honest with you all the time. Indeed, not everyone has the courage to tell you if you are moving away from the right path of life.

The old adage: "True friends will tell you the truth, even if it hurts you and you do not want to hear it," says a lot. After all, only your true friends will tell you what you need to hear, despite your susceptibility. Because for them, you count more than your friendship.

Psychologists at Flinder University in Australia recommend that they have close friends because of their studies, it increases life expectancy, but not that ... Your best friends are to scrupulously choose from Dr. Robert Burris, a renowned American psychologist and university professor.

Your best friends ..

They tell you the truth
People who are direct will never speak to appease your feelings or round off the angles. If you ask them for their opinion, you will get their opinion honestly. Whether choosing a dress for your first date or the first impression of your boyfriend, a direct friend will tell you the truth as it is.

You might think wrongly that they do it because they do not like you. However, keep in mind that no real friend would want his family to be mocked.

They are not afraid to apologize
They know full well that being too brutal is associated with blatant impoliteness. And in being too direct, a frank friend knows that his cold truth can hurt you. Although, most of the time, sharp people do not always know how to hold back, they know how to take responsibility for their words. People who are direct are not afraid to admit their mistake and apologize in a timely manner.

They are authentic
For the direct people, what you see is what you have. They will not prevent you from knowing what place you occupy in their life. Indeed, they are honest with you about it. You can certainly say through their actions and their lips whether they like you or not. That's why, if one of your friends is honest, rest assured that your friendship with him is genuine!

They are not afraid of anything
Franks are among the bravest people in the world. In a world where most people would choose to remain silent instead of defending their opinion, direct people do not know how to stay quiet. Franks are the kind of people you would like to keep in your company because they are not afraid of anything. Perhaps, in the long run, could you learn to be as brave and fearless as they are!

They know how to respect your points of view
It is not because they are not afraid to speak that they will not respect your opinion. A person who knows how to be direct does not just share his thoughts and stop there. They want to give you a piece of their mind and soul. They give you advice before you make your final decision. They know very well that at the end of the day your decision is always yours and it will support you no matter what.

If you have a friend who matches the descriptions above, cherish them. Identify them in comments to tell them how much you appreciate their candor. And thank them for all the times they knew how to be honest when others told you what you wanted to wait!