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A Young Girl Develops A Serious Problem In The Lungs After 3 Weeks Of Electronic Cigarette

A Young Girl Develops A Serious Problem In The Lungs After 3 Weeks Of Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, are a popular alternative to smoking, as many think they are less harmful. The electronic cigarette has become very popular among young people and those who are trying to quit in the short term. However, more and more studies are showing the harmful effect of these cigarettes, and the case of this 18-year-old girl once again demonstrates that they can cause serious health problems, especially to the lungs.

The dangers of electronic cigarettes
A 2014 US study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that from 2011 to 2013, the number of never smokers who tried electronic cigarettes tripled from 79,000 to over 263,000. E-cigarettes are being marketed as a better alternative to traditional cigarettes, but as a new product, the health effects of these cigarette substitutes have been slow to arrive. However, a recent analysis by Portland State University in the United States focused on the chemicals contained in the electronic cigarette. She showed why it is best to avoid this product completely.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are loaded with a vaporizable liquid. This fluid is composed of a number of chemicals, including propylene glycol, glycerol, nicotine and various flavoring substances. Although these chemicals do not seem quite attractive, new research shows that the real danger may be how these compounds change when heated.

To use an e-cigarette, you charge the liquid and apply electricity, heating the liquid until it vaporizes. At this temperature, the chemicals inside the fluid undergo a process of degradation and are converted to other chemicals. Using an advanced measurement system called nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, the scientists examined the new chemicals and had a particularly worrying result.

When the liquid of the electronic cigarette is vaporized, it produces both formaldehyde and an agent released from formaldehyde, which is disturbing when one considers that formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. In fact, during the above analysis, scientists compared the risk of developing cancer from this e-cigarette toxin with the risk of developing cancer associated with smoking traditional cigarettes, and they claim that the risk associated with electronic cigarettes can be 15 times higher.

Although e-cigarettes are still new, this initial data needs to be taken seriously. While the transition from traditional cigarettes to an electronic version appears to offer benefits, the long-term health implications of this new solution are far from fully understood. This preliminary information indicates that the effects could range from less dangerous to extremely dangerous. The verdict as to whether electronic cigarettes are better or worse than traditional cigarettes remains to be concluded, but it is best to stay away from these products.

As a testimony of the harmful effects of electronic cigarettes on health, we expose the case of this girl who was one of the victims of these new gadgets.

One more victim of electronic cigarettes
A girl from Pennsylvania, USA, who worked as a waitress at a restaurant, started using electronic cigarettes, but in just three weeks she had developed a terrifying illness.

She began to have some disturbing symptoms such as excessive coughing, severe chest pain and shortness of breath, so she went to the Pittsburgh Emergency Department. The doctors were astonished at his condition.

The young woman received antibiotics, but that was not enough, she quickly entered a state of acute respiratory failure. To keep her breathing, the doctors put her on a respirator with an artificial respirator, with tubes coming out of her chest to eject the liquid that filled her lungs.

The doctors then realized that she was suffering from pulmonary congestion, which is a sensitivity to the pneumopathy triggered by the chemicals contained in the electronic cigarette. The girl remained on respiratory assistance while her lungs recovered and received medication used for severe allergic reactions.

In a few days his condition had improved a lot and his terrible ordeal was over.

Inhaling the vapors of the e-cigarette can also cause a disease called popcorn lung, caused by the chemical called diacetyl. Diacetyl is found in some of the flavors used in electronic cigarettes and the disease causes coughing and wheezing.

You are warned!
A Young Girl Develops A Serious Problem In The Lungs After 3 Weeks Of Electronic Cigarette