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The Astrological Signs Ranked From The Most Liar To The Most Honest

The Astrological Signs Ranked From The Most Liar To The Most Honest

The human being, by nature is a follower of lies. No being can say that he has never used lies in his life. But where do these fluctuations come from in our predisposition to lie at large, medium or small scale? Of our zodiac sign of course! This one is supposed to correspond to models of personality which differ from each other or which have characteristics which vary as it can be the case with the fact of being liar or honest ...

The most liars

Aries woman
As far as the Aries woman is concerned, it would be wiser to use the term hide than to lie. In fact, she tends to hide and deny her feelings out of fear and to admit them to others simply makes her vulnerable.

Aries man
Like his alter ego, the Aries man tends to camouflage, to hide his feelings. And the more it will be noticed, the more he will excel in this exercise that he handles to perfection.

Gemini woman
The Gemini woman is rather elusive, fickle and focused on her pleasure carving a life free of stress and constraints in total freedom preferring to move from one relationship to another rather than confess or confess to others that she would prefer to find great love and stabilize.

Gemini Man
In contrast to their female counterparts, Gemini men are a little bit more rough-edged and tend to use some form of lies especially when it comes to their relationship with women. They will regularly lie to their partner until they fall on those who will put them in their place.

Cancer Man
The Cancer man is so suspicious and sometimes comes close to paranoia, that he tends to lie to himself and to protect himself. Even if he is rather sensitive, he will not hesitate to manipulate and lie to continue to preserve himself.

Leo woman
Leo woman focuses her interests on her only person! She will use and abuse all lies in order to achieve her goals and get what she wants and at all levels, because hold on, she thinks she deserves everything.

Leo man
Like his female alter ego, the Lion man, with his powerful ego, will use the same subterfuges to achieve his goals while doing everything to be seen and heard wherever he goes.

Woman Libra
The Libra woman does not lie ... No, she rather makes everything or situation turn to her advantage. Wearing and abusing determination, the Libra woman will rather be mistaken for an opportunist.

Man Libra 
The Libra man is not really a hard liar, only he does not necessarily practice telling the truth. It takes some form of distance from truths and has secrets that it simply does not want to highlight.

Capricorn Man
In terms of lies, the Capricorn man is pretty well placed. He uses strong arguments to make his "truths" heard, especially when we know he will do anything to hide his emotions and sensitivity. He will do anything to falsify his true intentions by using the lie wisely.

Aquarius woman
She uses the lie instead because for her it is part of human nature and does not represent a vice. The Aquarius woman lies to fight against everything and sometimes to the detriment of others.

Aquarius man
The Aquarius man, on the other hand, has some similarities with his female counterpart. He thinks to lie for the right reasons, because it seems to him to be necessary without acknowledging the consequences or the others.

The Most Honest Signs

Capricorn Woman
Nothing to do with the Capricorn man, the woman wearing the same sign has a true maturity of mind allowing him not to lie or manipulate anyone to achieve his ends. His golden rule: to be faithful to others and to oneself!

Woman Cancer
Although apparently, the Cancer woman is rather versatile, constantly showing a different face and appearance, it turns out to be an exemplary honesty even if it will not say what it thinks spontaneously but will already have a opinion well decided on the question.

Taurus woman
Earth sign, the Taurus woman goes against the lie that has no place in his way of being and doing. As true to others as to the truth, falsification and falsehood are not part of his life.

Taurus man
If he wants to build something, whether on an individual basis or in partnership, the Taurus man will be in no way interested in building anything on shaky foundations inducing some form of falsity. You are warned!

Virgo woman
The Virgo Woman is so focused on her own truths that she hammers them all day long for anyone who wants to hear or share them. Lies as much with itself as with others, this well-defined character trait does not leave room for any form to let go.

Virgo man
The characteristic of the Virgo Woman in the matter of truth is nothing compared to that of the man of the same sign. This predisposition, combined with an incomparable requirement can just make it unbearable, even cruel.

Scorpion woman
The term lie does not exist in Scorpio women. Moreover, what for her is a real fault, fun because it does not understand how people can be so dishonest and unfair to others.

Scorpio Man
The Scorpio man looks a lot like the woman of the same sign. Unfortunately, by dint of being in search of truth, this one sees the evil everywhere and is ready to assail what he considers to be truths in favor of the pipe of the peace.

Sagittarius woman
Living in lies would be a real torture for the Sagittarius woman. Being honest is the key to survival and evolution at all levels!

Sagittarius man
The Sagittarius man is a true guardian, even warrior of the truth. Life is too precious to him to build it in the form of a dark lie and he will do anything to make it true.

Woman Pisces 
The Pisces woman is the first to say what she thinks to anyone frankly. It's his real nature. For her, there is only the truth that keeps her integrity intact.

Man Pisces 
Just like the Pisces woman, the truth in the eyes of the man of the same sign is always good to say whatever the context. It is something normal and represents a real end in itself.
The Astrological Signs Ranked From The Most Liar To The Most Honest