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We Offer You A List Of The Benefits Of Lemon Water For Your Health.

We Offer You A List Of The Benefits Of Lemon Water For Your Health.

In hot weather or throughout the year, lemonade is very thirst-quenching. It stimulates the production of saliva thanks to its acidity. In addition to being good and refreshing, lemon water is full of virtues and qualities, it rids the body of toxins, gives a real boost in case of fatigue and prevents many diseases ...

We offer you a list of the benefits of lemon water for your health.

Against influenza
Lemon is the best medicine for the flu and colds. Because of its antibacterial and sudorific properties, lemon prevents viral infections and helps to reduce fever by promoting perspiration.

In case of colds or flu, pour the juice of 2 limes in ½ liter of water. To drink morning and evening.

Boost the immune defenses
Anti-infectious, vitamin C, contained in lemon, promotes the absorption of iron and gives a boost to the immune system essential to prevent diseases.

Reduce inflammation
Inflammation is often due to a high concentration of uric acid in the joints. This excessive acidity rate promotes the appearance of diseases. However, regular consumption of lemon water, rich in antioxidants, reduces this rate by eliminating uric acid from the joints.

Relieving joint pain
Because of its high content of calcium and vitamin C, lemon water improves bone health and prevents diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, or inflammatory arthritis. Make a cure of 21 days to renew if necessary: the juice of half a lemon bio mixed with 25 cl of warm water (less than 40 °). To drink 2 times a day, 30 minutes before the meal.

Fight against gastro-oesophageal reflux
Lemon is alkalizing and neutralizes acidity in the stomach by reducing acid flow. At sunrise, drink a glass of lukewarm water 30 minutes before breakfast. This will allow the body to naturally balance its level of acidity and contributes to good digestion.

Prevent formation of kidney stones
Lemon water contains a large amount of citric acid, and its consumption makes the pH of the urine more alkaline and subsequently reduces the formation of kidney stones. In the presence of these, it is recommended to hydrate well. Lemon water is a good source of hydration that will also be very useful to break these calculations.

Prevent gallstones
Lemon citric acid dissolves gallstones and prevents their formation. The higher the level of vitamin C in the blood, the lower the risk of having gallstones.

Lemonade is an ideal appetite suppressant, rich in pectin, it acts as appetite suppressant by decreasing the appetite. Indeed, pectin swells in the stomach which gives a feeling of satiety, thus avoiding snacking between meals.

Prevents cardiovascular disease
A daily intake of soluble fiber and potassium is strongly related to a stabilization of the blood pressure. In addition, the high content of lemon water in flavonoids would reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Prevent diabetes
Low in carbohydrates, lemon water regulates blood sugar levels by reducing the glycemic index.

Warnings :
If you have kidney or bile disorders, it is best not to consume lemon water.
It is recommended not to brush your teeth, just after consuming lemon water, so as not to damage the enamel.

Lemon water should only be taken for 2 to 3 weeks and not continuously.