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To My Best Friend, Thank You For Always Being Here For Me

To My Best Friend, Thank You For Always Being Here For Me

We all have this person to whom we can trust our souls. Who is always at our side. She never let us down and can never do it, it's our best friend. He knows us very well and knows what we think before we even say it. But he is especially there to support us in all the trials of life!

A real friend
He is a friend who is there at every break, every success, every disappointment, every smile, every depression, every birthday, etc. He loves you as a member of his family and you are an integral part of his life. He is there to support you whenever you risk falling. He tries to spare you any pain or injury because the idea of seeing you broken is unbearable.

This friend has become your lifejacket. One of the best decisions you've made in your life is to have a friend like this in your life. This friendship is the definition of unconditional love. He loves you as his own person and knows that you love him too. He is the best example of a dear person in life.

Your best friend is always there for you, every time you start going around in circles or you give the impression that you are going to fall or sink in a failure, he is there. He never questions your intentions, because he knows what they are before they even say them. He is a friend whose fidelity you can never question, because he has always been faithful to you.

For better and for worse
Whenever there is a new partner in your life, he is always there to give you the best advice for a healthy couple life, because he wants for you a love life full of happiness and fulfillment. He believes in you very much and you do not want to disappoint him. It inspires you to always do better and to show what you are really worth.

Your best friend has been there every time you were heartbroken and you thought you were never going to get out of it, he was there to reassure you, support you, and tell you that you deserve a lot better. When you did not believe in yourself, he was there to believe in you. When you were successful, he was there to praise your accomplishments and achievements, and even defend you in your absence.

He is always present. In fact, your best friend has always shown you the example of the person you want to be. It has set the bar very high for the type of people you have to deal with daily and very few can meet this standard. This friend is the voice in your head that constantly tells you to keep going and persevere. He is the voice that constantly tells you that there is nothing you can not do, and that you can always achieve your wildest dreams.

In a scary world, you know that you can move forward and improve every day because you have that kind of friend and you are not alone. You can tell him everything without fear of being judged or condemned, he is there for you whatever the circumstances. You do everything together, you share a lot of activities and you have common hobbies, because you know that you can enjoy the beautiful things of life only by sharing them with someone as dear as your best friend.

Feel free to thank your best friend for being part of yourself, and expressing your love for him and your mutual dedication.
To My Best Friend, Thank You For Always Being Here For Me