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Dip Your Feet In Vinegar So You Do Not Have Dry Feet, Eliminate Calluses, Eliminate Odors And More

Dip Your Feet In Vinegar So You Do Not Have Dry Feet, Eliminate Calluses, Eliminate Odors And More

Apple cider vinegar is not just a cooking or maintenance ingredient, its medicinal properties are considerable. It is an antibiotic and an antibacterial, it contains amino acids, potassium and acetic acid, which make it a natural antidote to many ailments. Its many benefits can make your life a lot easier. We will show you how to use vinegar for your feet and take advantage of all its benefits.

Apple cider vinegar, a product with many virtues

Apple cider vinegar is an amazing product that can help protect you against a lot of diseases. It eliminates germs, bacteria and prevents infections. Indeed, thanks to its antibiotic virtues, apple cider vinegar soothes digestive disorders, so if you have abused at the restaurant, do not worry, know that the cure is at home. In addition, most germs in your body will not survive the acidic environment created by vinegar, so it is an excellent antibacterial.

Vinegar will also act as a very good cold remedy. No more stuffy nose, the potassium it contains will liquefy phlegm, and acetic acid will prevent nasal congestion. It is, moreover, an excellent remount. Apple cider vinegar contains amino acids that will act as a palliative to fatigue generated by stress. For people with bad breath, your nightmare is over, gargle with cider vinegar twice a week and say goodbye to bad smells. In the same way, vinegar will help you eliminate the stains on your teeth and whiten them naturally, it will also eradicate all the bacteria present in your mouth and your gums.

This recipe will show you how to prepare a footbath that can be used as a treatment for many problems. It can help you reduce your breathing problems, help with your digestive problems and even lose weight. This process is also used throughout the world for its efficiency and versatility but it should not be consumed in large quantities because it can cause digestive problems or burns.

You must prepare your bath with warm water and can even add herbs, aromatic salts and spices to improve its effect. Note that the feet are fertile ground for bacteria that can cause infections, dry and cracked skin and asperities. With this recipe, you disinfect your feet, you will not have dry feet, finished rough edges, calluses, fungal infections, eliminate odors, fight against bacterial infections and relieve your feet of weight pressure.

Cider Vinegar Foot Bath Recipe

  • 1 L of lukewarm water
  • 1 cup of cider vinegar

Heat your water until it is warm, be careful that it is not too hot to avoid burning yourself. Pour this water into a basin where you can soak your feet, then add a cup of cider vinegar. Mix your liquid and if you want to improve its smell, add a few drops of lavender essential oil or another oil of your choice. Soak your feet in this bath for 15 minutes once a week and enjoy the well-being that it will give you!
Feet In Vinegar