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Consume 2 Eggs A Day To Strengthen Your Bones, Lose Weight, Improve Your Brain And Much More

Consume 2 Eggs A Day To Strengthen Your Bones, Lose Weight, Improve Your Brain And Much More

You may have heard unfounded warnings against the so-called health effects of certain foods more than once. Now, more and more of these myths are being demolished by scientific research that restores the truth as it has done for eggs.

Eggs are one of the most popular ingredients at breakfast. Whether cooked, boiled, poached or scrambled, they are part of the morning ritual of so many people around the world. But they do not just have their flavor and accessibility to offer, because they also have an invaluable nutritional value. Thus, you should forget once and for all this myth that the egg, or more precisely the yolk, is too rich in cholesterol and therefore incompatible with a balanced diet.

But researchers have been able to demystify all these claims by demonstrating that eggs are an excellent source of amino acids, minerals and vitamins essential for the proper functioning of the body. But the list does not stop there.

Good brain health
Choline is an element that is present in large quantities in eggs and is also important for a good development of the human brain, and this is more the case for fetuses and newborns, which means that their Consumption is very beneficial during pregnancy.

Stronger bones
The human body needs vitamin D to properly absorb calcium in food, so deficiency at this point exposes bones to diseases such as osteoporosis. It is also important to note that this vitamin can be obtained through exposure to the sun and that, unlike many others, it is rarely present in food, which means that eating eggs will allow you to keep correct levels of vitamin D in your body, even in winter.

More iron
When the body lacks iron, it usually has symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and increased irritability. Know that two large eggs represent 2 milligrams of iron, which will have the advantage of protecting you from a deficiency.

Good eye retention
Lutein is a nutrient with rich eggs and is a carotenoid known for its effectiveness in inhibiting the process of macular degeneration, which often leads to blindness. And although it is also present in green leafy vegetables, lutein present in egg yolks is more easily absorbed by the body. Added to this is zeaxanthin, which is actually an antioxidant responsible for protecting the eyes against ultraviolet rays.

A good ally against overweight
Eggs are known for their satiating effect which limits the appetite and in this case the caloric intake for the rest of the day, which means that they actually help to lose weight more easily. In addition to this, proteins are present in large quantities in eggs and it should be remembered that they have the effect of increasing energy levels in the body and avoiding the accumulation of high levels of sugar and insulin in the blood.

The ball is now in your camp, you can now break with this old myth to reconcile with the eggs that, in addition to being good, are excellent for your health!
Consume 2 Eggs A Day To Strengthen Your Bones, Lose Weight, Improve Your Brain And Much More