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5 Signs That Prove That A Loved One Wants To Communicate With You In Your Dreams

5 Signs That Prove That A Loved One Wants To Communicate With You In Your Dreams

The bonds we have with our loved ones are sometimes so strong that even when death takes away one of them, we become attached to the idea that he is still there, somewhere near us. Many even think that our deceased loved ones can show themselves to us by appearing in our dreams. If you think someone in your family or a friend of yours is trying to get in touch with you, here are some signs that you may be right.

1. You wake up in a peaceful state
If, when you wake up, you feel strangely good, calm and rested, it may be that your deceased loved one has visited you in a dream to help you mourn and overcome this ordeal. People who are dead feel pain and are affected when you show sadness at losing them and crying them.

Perhaps your loved one has visited you in a dream to try to soothe you and help you overcome your loss.

On your side, having seen or spoken in a dream to this loved one has certainly comforted and soothed you. Even if you do not remember your dream, you can still feel its presence and knowing that it is there, very close, is all you need to continue moving forward. in life and cope with everyday life.

2. Your relative seemed younger and healthier than when he died
If the loved one you see in a dream looks younger than before, in better health and a better mood, it may mean that he is happier now. It can also appear to you so to reassure you, it is perhaps a message to make you understand that it does not suffer and that there is nothing to worry about.

3. You dream of common memories
For some, remembering a deceased loved one and things you've forgotten is a sign that this person is trying to communicate with you through a particular memory, directing your attention to specific things. .

Meditate on this memory and look for what your loved one would like you to understand.

4. Your loved one wants you to know that he is well and that he is always at your side
Often, the dead know what happens to the living, they are informed about what you are doing or your moods. And since they do not want you to worry about them, they may appear to you in a dream to comfort you and show you that they are there.

5. Your dream looks so real
Most of the time, the dreams of visiting loved ones are so lifelike and realistic that you feel like you've really seen them, and that they really were there, standing next to you. You may have smelled their smell, touched them, and heard their voices distinctly. No doubt you have felt an intense emotion during this interview and do not you doubt for a second the reality of this vision?

Perhaps this person who is so dear to you and who you are just as dear wanted only to spend a few moments in your company.

In any case, whether or not we believe in the reality of such visits, dreaming about a deceased loved one allows us to heal our loss and mourn properly. By meeting a loved one who has disappeared in a dream, you feel less sorrow. As if he had not really left, you feel comforted.
5 Signs That Prove That A Loved One Wants To Communicate With You In Your Dreams