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It's Official ! Here Is The Amount Of Sleep We Really Need Based On Our Age

It's Official ! Here Is The Amount Of Sleep We Really Need Based On Our Age

We always hear that to be fit and healthy, you have to sleep enough. This is certainly true, but what is the amount of sleep that corresponds to this "enough"? If we usually think about eight hours of sleep a night, the researchers revealed that this was not always the case for everyone. With the results of a new study, researchers provide the public with accurate indications of how much sleep is appropriate for each individual based on age.

Having quality sleep in sufficient quantity is an essential part of our health.

Many of us, however, have a debt of sleep and do not really feel rested so rarely. Our circadian rhythm is disturbed by our use of screens at night and in our beds as well as by artificial lighting. The coffee and other stimulating drinks that we consume late in the day and at all costs are not there to fix things.

Authorities release new sleep recommendations in 'world class' study
A team of renowned scientists and researchers from the National Sleep Foundation in the United States recently released the culmination of two years of research. The results of this unprecedented study have allowed specialists to provide individuals with "rigorous science-based" national recommendations, says Dr. Charles, chair of the National Sleep Foundation's board of directors. Czeisler.

How many hours of sleep do you need to be fit and healthy?
Research has identified sleep ranges that provide each age group with optimal sleep time. They are delimited by maximum and minimum sleep times to adapt to the peculiarities of each one. To find the exact sleep time you need every night, pay close attention to your overall condition, mood, and productivity at school or work, and note how you feel in response to different sleep durations. . Ask yourself the following questions:

- Do you feel productive and alert after seven hours of sleep, or do you need nine to be in good shape?
- Do you depend on coffee to get hold?
- Do you sleepy from time to time?

The following are the results of the panel:

Recommended sleep time by age

Dr. Max Hirshkowitz, Chair of the National Sleep Foundation's Scientific Advisory Board, says, "The public can be confident that these recommendations are the best guide to sleep time and health. "

Improve the quality of your sleep
For a good night's sleep, here's how to improve the quality of your sleep right now:

- Sleep the same number of hours every night, even on weekends
- Establish a relaxing routine before going to bed
- Practice daily physical activity
- Turn off your electronics at least 2 hours before sleeping
- Ensure that your sleeping conditions are optimal: adequate temperature, complete black, air quality, no noise, mattress, comforter and comfortable pillows ...
Amount Of Sleep We Really Need Based On Our Age