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These Are Bad People: 5 Ways To Recognize A Fake Friend

These Are Bad People: 5 Ways To Recognize A Fake Friend

A true friend is always a source of well-being especially in times of melancholy or sadness. He supports us, reassures us, makes us laugh and never lets us down. If this is the case with your current friend, keep it because you are lucky. But if you think that there is a friend around you who is not really one, do not waste time with him, you will save your energy and save your peace.

In friendship we are not always vigilant and often, it is only after a few months or even years that we realize certain attitudes or unhealthy acts, emanating from our beloved friend.

We ask ourselves many questions and we wonder about the reliability, the sincerity of our friend who has accompanied us in the train of life and who sometimes knows us better than ourselves.

Then the doubt arises and we become skeptical when our friend compliments us or makes us wrong at the last minute, leaving us with no respect or consideration. And the question that's bothering us at this point is whether it's a fake person who pretends to be nice and friendly.

So, to find out, here are 5 ways to differentiate a real person from a fake.

How to recognize a person sincere and true?

She supports all your projects
A person who loves you and who is moreover your friend, will encourage you throughout your life and in all that you undertake. Whether it is important or not, she will support you and boost you to give you the best of you.

She loves your eccentricity
We are all different and we each have our own temperament. But a sincere friend will not judge you about your strange behaviors and will accept them regardless of the consequences.

She forgives you for your mistakes
Who has never made a mistake in his life? And a true friend will always forgive them because for him, only friendship counts.

She always keeps in touch
A sincere person who loves you will always keep in touch with you and will constantly ask you for news as you are his center of interest and that he worries about you.

She gives you her time
She will always find time to give you and will share a little moment of complicity with you over a coffee, because for her, exchanging with you is always a pleasure.

How to recognize a wrong person?
If you have doubts about a person you are dating or a friend of long standing, do not hesitate to monitor these points that will reveal their true intentions.

A wrong person uses a passive and aggressive tone at the same time
A person who is not sincere with you will always be manipulative in his words and in his way of complimenting you with a bit of insults. You will feel then pityed without really understanding why and your confidence in you will be shaken.

A fake person often lets you down
If you notice that your friend never follows the plan that you have prepared together or that he lets you down at the last minute to go to other occupations, it is because he is not a real friend and he will always give you excuses and excuses to feel less guilty.

A fake friend would always like to go first
He thinks everything is about him and that you always have to get it first, before anything else. He is also convinced that you depend on him emotionally.

A false person always says bad things about others
She feeds on gossip and does not hesitate to speak ill of others. And think carefully, a person who does not have a good background and who criticizes others or says bad things about them, will do the same with you.

This person is still competing with you
She will always try to be better than you socially or professionally and will always be the first to shine in the limelight and outperform you. She will always be competing with you.

These points are important to know in order to distinguish between a real friend and a fake. Better to have one sincere friend than a swarm of people around you, but hypocritical and unhealthy.