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7 Carcinogenic Foods That Could Cause Disease

7 Carcinogenic Foods That Could Cause Disease

Considered the evil of the century, we now know that cancer is a disease that takes several years to reach a clinical stage. Also, studies have clearly shown that the progression of tumors is diametrically related to our lifestyle. Some of our eating habits are harmful to our health and without our knowledge, we eat harmful foods every day that can, in some cases, cause us cancer.

We are all aware of how serious cancer is and how it can affect our lives. Treatment is often cumbersome, painful and difficult, and the mental, emotional, physical and social impacts are often disastrous. So, to warn you of this disease, and to greatly reduce the risk of contracting it, here is a list of foods that you should absolutely avoid!

1) Sugar
We can not say it enough, sugar is undeniably the number one enemy of your health. He is the cause of many diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Causes of damage to the pancreas, liver, digestive system and nervous system, refined sugars supply the growth of cancer cells. Nevertheless, not all sugars are equal. When consumed in moderation, sugars naturally present in fruits and honey are beneficial for health.

2) The flour
When the flour is refined, it is as harmful to the body as sugar. In addition to having a nutritional value almost zero, it disrupts the functioning of the pancreas and the level of insulin. Since carbohydrates are converted to sugars by your body, they are a preferred source of fuel for cancer.

3) Fastfood burgers
You certainly know it, but burgers and other fast food products are very bad for your health. These are rich in processed meats, sodium and saturated fats. Too fat, too sweet, too salty, fastfood food is stuffed with additives and carcinogenic chemicals.

4) Delicatessen
According to WHO, the consumption of red meat and processed meats such as cold cuts can cause cancer. Rich in nitrates and sodium, processed meats can be dangerous for your health. These have been classified in the same category as other carcinogens, such as smoking and asbestos.

5) The donuts
The donuts contain white sugar, white flour and saturated fat, all in all it's nothing more than a cocktail of toxic components for your health! In addition, the intake of saturated fat and sugar causes a high risk of contracting heart disease or diabetes.

6) The chips
Crisps are just a cancer in packaging. Indeed, during the production process, the most harmful ingredient used is Acrylamide, according to Dale Hattis, a researcher at Clark University, Massachusetts, "a byproduct causing thousands of cancers per year in America ". Crisps have a high fat and salt content, so their consumption increases cholesterol and blood pressure. As a result, it increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. In addition, according to a study published in Cancer Science, a diet rich in salt increases the risk of contracting gastrointestinal cancer.

7) Canned soups
Many people mistakenly think that when they buy soup (canned or canned), it allows them to eat healthy. Be aware that some canned soups may contain up to 890 milligrams of sodium. In other words, a can of soup can contain the equivalent of your daily salt requirements. In addition, sodium creates water retention in the body and disrupts heart activity by increasing blood pressure.
Carcinogenic Foods That Could Cause Disease