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Every Behavior Of Children Comes From A Mistake Of The Parents

Every Behavior Of Children Comes From A Mistake Of The Parents

Children are the mirror of parents. It is undeniable that when parents give their descendants a good education and instil in them good values ​​from a young age, they will succeed as well in their social and professional life. Preparing for life begins with parents in the family cocoon above all else.

Being a parent is a big responsibility and a big challenge. In a study published on NCBI, parental education even has a long-term effect on a child's academic and career success. Also, learning about life skills, intellectual curiosity, manual work and sharing tasks, will make the child of today, the adult of tomorrow. If you encounter a child who exhibits an incorrect behavior, know that it is not his fault.

Here are some behaviors that will need to get parents' attention and challenge their education

If your child is suspicious
If your child is afraid of others and distrusts them, it means that eventually he or she suffers threats or a very rigid education from you, accompanied by severe punishment. which may alter his confidence.

If he is still irascible
When a child shows irritability, anger, and if he screams regularly, it means that he is a capricious child who tries to attract attention even if it is not the right way to do it. make. His behavior can be explained by the fact that the parents are not quite present for him, either physically or mentally. The best thing is that they spend more time with him and give him all the affection possible.

If he is still undecided
Children may become undecided when they are too brooded and cared for by parents and can not act on their own. This attitude of parents prevents their descendants from becoming independent and autonomous, which can cause them to tend to be shy and indecisive in their choice. At the same time, their self-confidence will be shaken and their self-esteem weakened. Even if you see your child in difficulty, do not try to help him or her systematically and let him solve his problem on his own. The child must also be able to access socialization and become "one to himself".

If he is jealous of others
Jealousy is a manifestation of a feeling of inferiority that the child feels internally. This may be due to the fact that parents constantly compare him with other children his age, even to the point of belittling him unconsciously.

If he experiences insecurity
A child who always relies on his parents to choose what to eat, what to wear as clothing or color can grow with a sense of insecurity. He will simply be lost without their presence and will always need them for every decision of his life.

If he shows himself aggressive
When a child behaves aggressively with others, it means that he is witnessing aggressive behavior between family members or is himself a victim of violence. As a result, acting in the same way and opting for bitter communication seems like normal and appropriate behavior.

If he is unable to defend himself
If a child is scolded and humiliated in public by his parents, he will feel unable to defend himself and the blow will take on him, which will strengthen his complexes.

If he does not respect others
If the child does not learn the respect of his own parents, he will not know how to respect others. Parents must first respect the will, the tiredness or the desires of their child so that the latter may be imbued with it and may show the same respect towards others. Parents must also set an example for the child to follow in their footsteps; parents must be irreproachable and perfect as much as possible.

If he often says lies
Sometimes, as a result of receiving reproaches from the parents, the child ends up telling lies to escape their admonition. Parents should only give him necessary and important reproaches.

If he steals other people's toys
Sometimes, some children try to appropriate others' toys or steal them. This attitude often denotes the lack of freedom of the latter to choose their toys. By this behavior, they want to show their authority and their will to do so.

Thus, by becoming aware of these typical attitudes of the children in bad condition, it is essential that the parents are impregnated.