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The Father Who Cares For His Child Does Not "Help", He Simply Performs His Role Of Father

The Father Who Cares For His Child Does Not "Help", He Simply Performs His Role Of Father

Being a parent is a big responsibility and requires just as much investment from both the mother and the father. Although the involvement of the latter in the education and care of the child varies according to the time, culture and circumstances, the fact remains that his role is far from being limited to that some might attribute to it, namely that of a simple parent or possible help given to the mother in education and daily tasks.

Much more than that, the role of a father is fascinating and involves a host of equally important aspects that form a whole and that together make a man a great father.

A father is not there only to "help" his wife to raise the children. He is not there simply to support them financially or just to embody authority. The role of a father is also to ensure, on a daily basis, the health of his children, their education, their well-being and their fulfillment.

How to be a great father

Here, in ten points, how to go from simple father to great father.

1. Be a good husband
Before thinking about how you take care of your children, know that good fathers are good husbands first. A strong couple is the first thing to work because it will ensure your children a loving and stable home, and it is invaluable. Listen to your wife's needs and be there to help her understand and support her.

2. Do not hesitate to leave your home
After the birth of a child, it happens that the two parents devote themselves exclusively to him to the point of ceasing any activity of couple and all social life, to the point of practically doing nothing of interesting and stimulating.

Yet, having an infant does not prevent you from doing the activities you were used to before you were born. It does not stop you from traveling, going to a restaurant or going for a walk with your family. Life with children is certainly not exactly the same as the one you used to live in, but by not staying home, your relationship will be better, as will your morale.

3. Your wife needs time for her
Because being a mother is never easy and it is tiring and extremely addictive work, do not just help her, but take an active role in caring for the children from the cradle. Not only will your wife be able to take care of herself and her own well-being, but you will develop the father-child bond and have a wonderful time with them.

4. Be affectionate
Because children crave love, tenderness and affection, embrace them, cuddle them, listen to them and try to show them your love through gestures, far more powerful than words.

Bring practical touches such as changing their diapers, playing with them, or reading stories regularly

5. Put yourself in their shoes
By putting yourself in the shoes of your children, you will be able to treat them as you like to be treated as young. Take an example of what made you feel good about your own father and how he behaved the same way he did when he was good to you, gave you certain values, and encouraged you.

6. Time flies, enjoy every moment
Enjoy each day as an opportunity to learn new things for your children, play with them and do all kinds of activities together. Take them on walks, trips and discover the world. Take the time to instill moral values ​​as well as give them treats from time to time.

7. What children need most
What children need most, whether from a mother or a father, is that they are given time. Whatever your job, your social status and your income, your children do not care because what really matters to them is the time you spend with them and the attention you pay them.

A good father-child relationship is vital to ensure their proper development and emotional balance. Love your children, be present, listen to them, talk together, exchange; in a word, be there for them.
The Father Who Cares For His Child Does Not "Help", He Simply Performs His Role Of Father