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The Favorite Tip Of Grandmothers To Get Rid Of Lice Easily And Cheaply

The Favorite Tip Of Grandmothers To Get Rid Of Lice Easily And Cheaply

Head lice are a problem faced by many children around the world. This affection which is nevertheless benign and without any real danger for the health can be very troublesome and impact the insurance and the well-being of your child. Here is a simple and effective recipe that will rid you of lice and take care of your children's hair.

Although there are several products that can fight against lice quickly and effectively, they can contain chemicals with side effects very dangerous and harmful to health, that is why it is better to resort Natural and simple remedies that will rid you of lice while adding strength and shine to your hair. Discover this natural anti-lice recipe tested and approved.

An anti-lice recipe much more effective than drugs:
Lice are small gray insects that live in the hair and feed on blood. And although these do not represent real dangers to the health of the people they contaminate, they can be a real source of embarrassment and embarrassment. Here's a simple and easy recipe you can use to get rid of these little critters:

You will need:

- An anti-lice comb.
- A mouthwash.
- White vinegar.
- A plastic cap.
- A clean towel.

Use :

- Moisten the hair with the mouthwash, cover them with a plastic cap and leave for one hour. The strong smell released by the mouthwash will smother the lice.

- Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water, then moisten with white vinegar and leave for one hour, covering the head with a cap. Vinegar will help kill nits.

- Brush the hair with the anti-lice comb

- Thoroughly rinse your hair with a natural shampoo by brushing them again with an anti-lice comb.

- Dry your hair thoroughly with a clean towel.

Warnings :

- If you have a scalp condition, or are undergoing special medical treatment, it is strongly recommended that you seek the advice of your doctor before using this recipe.

- To avoid any risk of allergic reaction, it is best to test this recipe on part of the scalp, and wait a few hours to see the action of its ingredients.

How to avoid lice?

There are several simple and effective ways that you can use to fight against lice. Here are a few :

- Lice can be transmitted very easily from person to person, this is why it is very important never to share hairstyle accessories, hats, caps and all other items that may be in contact with the hair.

- Avoid activities that involve a lot of physical contact with other people who may have lice.

- Avoid whispering in others' ears and keep a minimum of space between you and the people you are talking to.

- Avoid putting your head on the sofas of public spaces like cafes, waiting rooms ... These can contain lice and a lot of other insects and bacteria.

- Change your sheets and pillows regularly and wash your clothes thoroughly with antibacterial products to reduce the risk of infection.

- Some natural ingredients such as eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon juice, lavender, or green tea can help repel lice, so you can use them as a spray to avoid getting infected.
Get Rid Of Lice Easily And Cheaply