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The Greatness Of Beautiful People Is In The Heart

The Greatness Of Beautiful People Is In The Heart

Like King Midas, beautiful people transform everything they touch into gold. Obviously, we are far from the legend because in their greatness, there is no greed. Their essence is solicitude and their motor is love. People with a great soul are surrounded by a very clear aura whose luminous reflections leave no room for darkness.

Inner beauty is manifested in a fiery way. Like precious stones, it is deep and does not stop shining.

A generous heart
The main motivation of beautiful people is encouraged by their hearts. It is with instinct that they cover you while you do not even realize that you are shivering with cold. It is with patience that they listen to you and accompany you to the path of healing. It is with affection that they envelop you with attentions.

These people are rich beyond the material; a big heart never dies of hunger, it feeds on the satiety of others and never hesitates to reach out.

If you are surrounded by beautiful people, you will feel it in the tone of their voices, in the folds of their eyes when they smile and, above all, in the great tranquility they transmit to you.

Fundamentally good people can not be fooled or indoctrinated. In this case, they never adhere to decisions made lightly and perceive injustice even in its most tacit form.

Indeed, whole people do not let themselves be seduced by an opulent life and can not turn a blind eye to the flagrant acts committed every day around us. It is not uncommon for their intelligence and sagacity to disturb those who prefer to sound their conscience for an unhindered path to success. So we avoid them and discredit them if necessary.

In a world where there is no harm in bathing in injustice, beautiful people become outcasts.

The wisdom of an alchemist
It is important to know that the greatness of a soul confers great moral strength. The greatness of a soul is a power and even a weapon. We all have a dark part in us, but it is those who choose to always stay in the light that grow faster.

The beautiful people are like alchemists, they bring by their power, a luxuriant richness and immortality. Because to acquire wisdom is also to understand that love is an inestimable wealth and that death is just another great adventure. Greatness is in the soul, and the soul never dies.

Trusted boosters
There are people who suck your energy, empty you like a sack of gold in the hands of a colonist, you look like a vulgar fruit. On the other hand, life is like a roller coaster: it keeps taking you by surprise and you never know when you will fall. So after a while, trust can subside, die out and even seem unattainable.

But beautiful people are putting you back on the job. Disinterested, they give abundantly of their person, their knowledge, their optimism. Without knowing it, you find yourself imbued with their power and it is always stronger that you rise up to them.

By their insight, they improve your ideas and drive out the inner demons that weaken in the face of strong light.

The beauty of the soul is unfortunately not valued enough. Yet, it is mentioned in many books. The specters of certain historical figures continue to guide us towards the light and to enlarge us by their wisdom as for example, Marcus Aurelius, philosopher and Roman emperor, who one day declared: "It is no longer a question of discourse on what must be the good man but become a good man.
The Greatness Of Beautiful People Is In The Heart