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How To Have Firm Arms And A Nice Chest

How To Have Firm Arms And A Nice Chest

Smoking, poor food hygiene, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and other factors contribute to the collapse and accumulation of fat beads in different areas of the body. The breasts and arms are part of these areas where fat deposits prefer to settle and never leave again. But did you know that you can tone your skin and eliminate fat with these ten simple exercises without going under the knife or spend a single penny?

If you regularly follow fitness trends, you've probably heard of the famous book called Self-lifting, Camille Volaire's bestseller, which has been sold to thousands of copies around the world, and in which she shared a variety of exercises to improve the silhouette and facial muscles in simple but highly effective ways. In this article, we give you all the secrets shared in this famous book to get breasts and arms toned and firm.

Exercise N ° 1: The star catcher

To begin your breast and arm reshaping session, start with this exercise which is done as follows:

- Stand upright, with your head tilted behind.
- Lift your arm, then the left, pretending to catch something.
- Repeat twenty times.

Exercise N ° 2: The Elephant
In addition to toning your arms, this exercise will also strengthen your back, your neck and your chest.

- Spread your arms and legs so that they are aligned, and ensure that your back is parallel to the ground.
- Release your arms, and let them drag from right to left.

Exercise N ° 3: The cobra
Although this exercise may seem a little difficult at first glance, you can easily achieve it with a little practice and determination.

- Lie on your stomach.
- Put your hands behind your neck.
- Lift the bottom of your body slightly off the ground.
- Finally, gradually raise your head and repeat twenty times.

Exercise N ° 4: The tennis ball
If you had to choose a single exercise to tone your breasts, give them a nice shape, it would be that of the tennis ball.

- Stand upright with your legs and arms apart.
- Take a tennis ball and squeeze it into your hands, making sure they are aligned with your chest.
- Squeeze the tennis ball, release, then repeat.

Exercise N ° 5: The book
This exercise focuses on strengthening the muscles of the back and chest.

- Stand upright, and stretch your arms horizontally, holding two books in your hands with your palms facing up.

- Bring your arms to your chest, then stretch them again, and repeat about twenty times.

Exercise N ° 6: Scissors
Exercising scissors will tone your chest while sculpting your arms, here are the steps to follow to achieve it:

- Stand upright and try to relax your muscles.
- Randomly stretch your arms to the side keeping your palms facing down.
- Finally join them above your chest and repeat about twenty times.

Exercise N ° 7: The albatross
This exercise will help you strengthen the muscles in your chest while giving tone and firmness to your arms.

- Stand upright and spread your legs and arms.
- Extend your arms to the sides, palms facing upwards.
- Push your hands behind you as far as possible, then return to the starting position.

Exercise N ° 8: The pillow
Unlike other types of exercises, exercising the pillow will solicit all the muscles in your chest.

- Stand upright with your legs tight and aligned.
- Take a small pillow, and squeeze it with both hands, then release, and repeat the exercise.

Exercise N ° 9: The cradle
Just like the previous exercise, cradle exercise will tone the muscles of your breasts.

- Stand upright by crossing your arms over your chest with your palms on your elbows.
- Gradually raise your arms, while maintaining a straight posture, and exerting pressure with your hands on your elbows.

Exercise N ° 10: Under the chin
This exercise will strengthen the muscles in your chest and back.

- Join your arms in front of your upright, making sure your elbows are aligned with your shoulders.
- Press your hands firmly on your chin, release, then repeat.