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The Important Role Of Aunts In Children's Lives

The Important Role Of Aunts In Children's Lives

The family is the first pillar of the child. Through parents, he learns to grow. Along with the grandparents, he is full of love and gifts. But what about aunts then? What roles do they play exactly in the lives of their nephews or nieces? And what do these people bring to their aunt's life?

Since parents must always maintain an authoritarian figure, in order to maintain order in the house and instil in their offspring the sense of propriety and good manners, aunts enter the scene to ease certain constraints.

Parents are often torn between what they want to do with their children, and what not to do. Obviously, children need boundaries and for this, parents know that it is necessary not to be lax. Otherwise they risk losing control. The aunt, on the other hand, plays an entirely different role: she is there to bring gaiety, suppleness and lightness.

What is the aunt's role?

She instills wisdom
She has the art of teaching children to discern right from wrong, without it being a lesson. In a playful way, she guides them in their teaching by teaching them words, numbers, colors and giving them moral advice.

She offers gifts
Spoiling nieces and nephews is always a pleasure for an aunt. She also enjoys having a good time with them. Thus, it brings gaiety, establishes a climate of confidence and creates a solid bond.

She is listening
Children tend to approach sensitive topics with their aunts whom they dare not approach with their parents. The aunt is the ideal person who will be able to listen carefully to the children, so as to give an unbiased opinion. Of course, she will know how to respond with embarrassing questions and understand all the troubles of her niece or nephew.

She is the best babysitter
How can a stranger or a stranger compete with the aunt? She who knows her nieces and nephews by heart and loves them unconditionally? She is always in demand because, apart from being a family member and inculcating the same values ​​as parents, she is also the person that children prefer above all else.

She brings sweetness
The aunt is also a second mother figure. She does not hesitate to cuddle her nieces and nephews, to give them love and a lot of tenderness. She knows how to protect them, make them laugh and give them all the softness and support they need.

Why being an aunt is a nice gift?
The day parents greet a newborn, they are ready to play a new role in their lives. This is also the case of the aunt. This one has not only a primordial place, but it benefits only advantages!

Being an aunt, what does it represent?

A great training

If you go through the Aunt Box before Mother's, then you are a big lucky. There is no better training at the maternity ward than being an aunt. Indeed, you are part of the life of a child who is like yours, whom you love like yours and with whom you can spend as much time as you want. You learn to raise a child, to make you responsible and to change diapers!

Nieces and nephews reduce stress
The presence of a child is invaluable. We can not enumerate all the advantages that this represents as they are numerous. But what is certain is that they bring love and joy. Their innocence and their gaiety make you quickly forget the stress of your professional and personal life. You only think about having fun with these little pieces of cabbage.

See them grow
Seeing nieces and nephews grow up is very moving. The aunt knows that she has contributed to their education and their well-being, and the children also know it. This represents a lot for both parties and gives them a sense of pride.
Important Role Of Aunts In Children's Lives