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We Do Not Meet Anyone By Chance - 5 Types Of Cosmic Connections

We Do Not Meet Anyone By Chance - 5 Types Of Cosmic Connections

There are people who enter our lives and stay there, others who only make a slight appearance and some disembark while messing up everything in their wake. Casual encounters are never trivial, they are the object of something greater, heavenly, and they all serve an ambitious purpose.

As adults, we learn to make choices and build our lives according to our expectations and desires. But who can claim to have never felt that superior force against which we are helpless? Let's call it luck, call it God, but no one can deny this cosmic domination.

The universe does not cease to surprise us, but even when we try to understand it, there is inevitably something that escapes us.

However, nothing happens by chance. There is always a definite reason for every encounter, whatever its nature. Here are 5 types of cosmic encounters:

1- Those meant to wake us up
There are people we let in your lives without imagining how toxic they will be. But despite the fact that we would have liked never to have crossed their path, it does not prevent that the meeting had a very precise goal. The lessons one is supposed to learn can only be given through them, and often these people are a hard test to overcome in order to activate our spiritual growth. The universe evaluates our strength and we unveil it to become aware of it.

2- Those that stimulate our memory
These people only appear for a short time. They usually arrive during a period of disorientation. Unconsciously, they help us find our way back and put ideas back in place: they remind us of who we are and help us remember our goals. These encounters are extremely important in the power of the universe and the cosmic connections. They usually land at a crucial moment and prevent us from falling into the abyss of a monotonous life.

3- Those that help us grow
There are people with whom you learn better and faster. By their presence, they make us stronger and more enlightened. These people come directly into our intimacy because they are a reflection of ourselves. At their side, we grow, but in the sense of fusion and spiritual transformation. We then forget the individuality to advance hand in hand. This cosmic connection is so powerful that it reaches its climax.

4- Those who reserve us a place in their life
This cosmic connection is well known to all. It concerns the people we meet and with whom we create a link. However, we will never be able to establish a close relationship with them. There will always be an invisible wall, with a gap that will allow occasional encounters. These moments in their company are essential to our well-being. These people usually help us to relax by having a good time, to hang out with a person we do not see often and to regain our self-confidence.

5- The remaining ones
These people are very rare, but extremely valuable. They are our soulmates and it is at first sight that we can perceive it. They can appear in any form: friend, partner, family member, colleague or mentor. Once in our life, these people stay forever. They share our dreams and our perception of life. They adhere to our ideas and agree with our values. There is no way to find them, only to wait patiently for the universe to find you ready for this powerful connection.

Whether positive or negative, the meetings are always instructive. In one way or another, they arrive at the right moment for a specific reason. The ones that hurt you are not there to subject you to any punishment, but to make you aware of what you can overcome and most importantly, what you do not want in your life. While those that do you good, help you grow and have a better perception of the future. Learn to better assimilate the signs of the universe.