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Do Not Practice Sports, It's Worse Than Smoking

Do Not Practice Sports, It's Worse Than Smoking

No one is unaware that maintaining a healthy lifestyle involving regular physical exercise associated with a healthy and balanced diet, remain the best preventive treatments against diseases of all kinds and the effects of aging. What can one say about its opposite, sedentary lifestyle? According to a study relayed by Time, it would have consequences even more harmful than those of smoking.

The benefits of regular physical activity are diverse and varied and its virtues affect both the moral and physical well-being of individuals.

Intervening as much in the process of improvement of the cardiovascular system, the sport also acts on the maintenance of muscle, bone and articular capital, it promotes the transit and the pulmonary capacity, allows the secretion of hormones such as the endorphin which generates the sensation of pleasure, facilitates the evacuation of stress while promoting sleep.

The practice of a physical activity is thus beneficial for the human well-being and to prefer it to the sedentariness, can only be beneficial for the health in general.

Study highlights harmful consequences of not playing sports
A study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic in the United States on the analysis, with a follow-up that began in 1991 to 2014 of 122,007 patients undergoing treadmill tests with the aim of evaluating the association between all-cause mortality and cardiorespiratory fitness, as demonstrated in the analysis of data from April 19 to July 17, 2018, that cardiorespiratory fitness is inversely associated with mortality. in the long term, with no maximum limit of observed benefits. An aerobic fitness promoting oxygenation and stimulating cardiovascular activity, was associated with greater survival in elderly patients and those with hypertension.

Dr. Jaber, a cardiologist at Cleveland Clinic and senior author of the study, described the results as extremely surprising and commented on them by stating that being unfit on a treadmill or during a test. Physical exertion has a worse prognosis, in terms of death, than being hypertensive, diabetic or current smoker and that obviously a sedentary lifestyle carries risks but does not hide his astonishment that in the case of the study above, they even exceed risk factors as important as smoking or diabetes.

Comparing the sedentary to the highest performers in exercise, the risk of death was 500% higher. In other words, the more exercise a person has, the more likely they are to live longer and in good health.

A sedentary lifestyle - Risk factor
Physical inactivity is inevitably linked to a high risk of developing or increasing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and some cancers.

In fact, a study conducted as part of a corporate health promotion program examined the extent of physical inactivity and its impact on cardiovascular risk in 16,000 employees. of companies from the canton of Vaud in Switzerland.

At the cardiovascular level, the assessment of the risk of coronary accident can be recognized as rather high among the sedentary compared to the type of people exercising a physical activity of at least 30 minutes, three times a week. In conclusion, the data analyzed, show that sedentarity is very common in the world of work and that it is affiliated with a host of risk factors related to a high cardiovascular risk.

Another study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that a lack of physical activity could lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disorders in patients with coronary heart disease who also have symptoms of depression.

The practice of a regular physical activity, is an essential factor allowing the reduction of all risks on the health of all causes, as much psychological as physical and which could significantly decrease and prevent the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or other chronic diseases.
Do Not Practice Sports, It's Worse Than Smoking