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The Queen Of All Oils: It Reduces Anxiety, Reduces Wrinkles, Eliminates Acne And Much More

The Queen Of All Oils: It Reduces Anxiety, Reduces Wrinkles, Eliminates Acne And Much More

Essential oils have been used since ancient times for their therapeutic and healing properties. They come from leaves, stems or roots of plants known for their health benefits. Among the most popular oils, we find the essential oil of incense, nicknamed the queen of oils. In this article, we invite you to discover the incredible virtues of this miracle oil.

What is the essential oil of incense?
The essential oil of incense, sometimes called olibanum, comes from the resin of Boswelia, a tree widely used in Somalia, Ethiopia, Yemen and Oman. Its main chemical constituents are limonene, pinene, borneol, farnesol, phellandrene, myrcene, and many others ... These substances have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.

The benefits of incense oil

The essential oil of incense can help to cure:

Stress, anxiety and sleep
In aromatherapy, inhaling the scent of an essential oil (or its absorption through the skin) is supposed to send messages to the limbic system, a region of the brain that influences our emotions and our nervous system. Incense oil, once inhaled, has been shown to reduce heart rate, hypertension, anxiety and depression due to its relaxing, sedative and hypotensive properties.

Its soothing scent can naturally help you fall asleep by allowing your body to reach an ideal sleeping temperature and eliminate any pain that prevents you from sleeping.

Adding frankincense to an oil diffuser or vaporizer to combat anxiety will help you relax.

Immune system
Researchers at Mansoura University in Egypt conducted a laboratory study and found that incense oil exhibited strong immunostimulatory activity. The results showed that the incense had an immune power that could help the destruction of bacteria, viruses

Oral problems
According to one study, frankincense oil can be used to prevent the formation of germs in the mouth. It naturally relieves oral health problems. Its antiseptic qualities prevent gingivitis, bad breath, cavities, toothache, and oral ulcers ...

You can make your own toothpaste by mixing 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with a tablespoon of baking soda and 2 to 3 drops of frankincense oil. This toothpaste should only be used twice a week.

Researchers have discovered that incense has promising anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects in laboratory animal testing. Incense oil has been shown to help fight the cells of certain types of cancer.

On the other hand, another study carried out in 2012 even revealed that AKBA (3-O-acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid), a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug present in incense, would succeed in destroying cancer cells become resistant to chemotherapy, which could make it an alternative natural treatment in addition. Talk to your doctor

Wrinkles, scars, acne, stretch marks ...
According to a study published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, incense oil has the ability to boost the regeneration of the skin and improve its tone, elasticity, defense mechanisms against bacteria or imperfections, as well as its appearance as you get older. In addition, it reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks and acne and accelerates the healing of wounds.

Mix 3 drops of incense essential oil with unscented cream or oil, then apply to your skin.

Memory, flu, cold
The same study suggests that incense oil improves memory and cognitive functions. During pregnancy, it can increase the memory of the fetus. It can also relieve coughs and cold and flu symptoms.

Spread a few drops of essential oil of incense.

Pain and inflammation
This oil can inhibit the production of inflammatory molecules associated with conditions such as arthritis, asthma and painful intestinal disorders. It also helps prevent the breakdown of cartilage tissue by dramatically reducing dangerous and painful inflammation levels.

Combine several drops with unscented oil to massage your muscles, joints, feet and neck.

Pregnant or lactating women should consult their doctor before using the essential oil of incense, as well as anyone who is undergoing medical treatment.

If used in high doses, it may be psychoactive. This essential oil should never be taken internally.