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People Born Between 1980 And 2000 Treat Their Pets As If They Were Their First Child

People Born Between 1980 And 2000 Treat Their Pets As If They Were Their First Child

"Generation Y" is a term used to refer to people between 1980 and 2000 and it turns out that it differs from other generations in many ways and for different reasons. The link it has with their pets is one of those specificities.

Many people have special ties to their pets, so much so that they may sometimes prefer to be with them rather than with others. Some find them more endearing and cute than babies!

A greater tendency to spend
Despite the fact that at first sight, the expenses of a pet seem much inferior to those of a child, some are ready to spend without counting as if the money had not the slightest value in their eyes.

According to statistics compiled by "Neilson", a British leisure company, local households' spending on pet food would have increased by 36% between 2007 and 2017. Analysis of It also led to the conclusion that a majority of the consumers concerned were young people who invest in buying high quality food for their pets before they even have offspring or acquire a home. Beverley Petrunich, owner of a dog daycare in Chicago, "DoGone Fun," says these people were treating their animals exactly as if they were talking about their first-born baby.

Animal expenses continue to rise
Another company specializing in the analysis of statistical data "GfK" has recorded the arrival of 4500 new pet food products on the market in 2017, which represents a rise of 45% compared to the year 2016. The majority of these products belong to so-called "high-end" brands, an evolution that will eventually raise the average price of about one kilogram of these products from $ 3.42 (€ 3) in 2011 to $ 5.1 (€ 4.48) in 2017.

This rise in prices has not yet managed to dissuade people from spoiling their favorite companions because according to the British magazine "Retail Gazette", the British would spend a total sum of around 750 million pounds (about 834 million euros) for the purchase of everything related to the department "pet shop" for Christmas not to mention that more than a quarter of these consumers claim to have paid much more for their pets than for people around them.

This demonstrates how so many people cherish their pets to the point of always striving for excellence in gifts for their little animals. A survey conducted by the e-commerce site "OnBuy.com" could even show that 87% of the 3230 pet owners surveyed intended to buy them a gift for Christmas.

Whatever one may say, the link that humans can have with domestic animals has never been stronger. We can easily see this in a lot of videos that are coming out on the internet and where people actually consider their pets as part of their family and take care of them as if they were doing it for a loved one, it does not matter. It is not surprising that so much money is spent by pure love and benevolence!
People Born Between 1980 And 2000 Treat Their Pets As If They Were Their First Child