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7 Precursor Symptoms Of Heart Attack That Women Often Ignore

7 Precursor Symptoms Of Heart Attack That Women Often Ignore

Women, just like men, are affected by cardiovascular disorders, including heart attacks. However, the way in which symptoms manifest themselves depends on gender. In women, here are the warning signs of a heart attack.

Heart attacks are more difficult to detect in women than in men. This is because women do not consult often even if they do not feel well, even though their bodies have precursors to a heart attack.

Often, the signs of a heart attack are very easily confused with those of a much less serious health problem that does not require consultation. Here are 7 important symptoms that predict a heart attack and that all women need to know.

Feeling of suffocation
The feeling of choking or suffocation is a symptom usually associated with breathing problems. However, if you do not have any respiratory discomfort, then this could be a sign of heart trouble.

If you have a feeling of discomfort in breathing, this could be an early sign of a heart attack. Take care if you have not changed your habits and if this is repeated.

In addition to the feeling of choking, you may also feel unusual pressure on your chest and a persistent cough.

Fatigue can be due to a multitude of reasons, such as insomnia, poor eating habits or excessive physical exertion. However, if it becomes chronic while you have a healthy lifestyle, it could indicate heart problems.

The arteries need to stay clear for a good blood flow. An accumulation of cholesterol increases blood pressure and heart fatigue, which increases the risk of heart attack.

At the same time, the body may experience a reduction in the amount of oxygen reaching the cells, which transmits a negative effect on muscle and cognitive function, leading to chronic fatigue.

Insomnia is often the result of many factors, such as overwork, stress or prolonged use of screens. However, in women, insomnia can also be the result of hormonal changes or a concern in the functioning of the heart.

Women with high risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure will often suffer from insomnia. This is manifested by a severe insomnia a few days before undergoing an attack. It is recommended to be very careful about this symptom.

Cold sweat
The sudden onset of cold sweats can be one of many symptoms of a heart attack, but also other serious cardiovascular problems that should not be overlooked.

In the case of a heart attack symptom, cold sweats appear because the body provides more effort to maintain its temperature since the heart is overworked, resulting in sudden changes in temperature.

Cold sweats can also be accompanied by a general lethargy, due to a lack of normal blood circulation in the body.

Pain on the left side
One of the most well-known and obvious symptoms of a potential heart attack in women is the sensation of unusual pain in the left side of the body.

It can occur throughout the left side. Women with this symptom may experience pain in their arms, back, and jaw. This pain can manifest itself several days before a heart attack, and it can start gradually and become unbearable within a few hours.

Feelings of anxiety
Anxiety can be caused by several psychological factors. However, it is important to know that anxiety can affect heart rate and eventually increase the risk of heart attack.

Feelings of anxiety accompanied by chest pain or vertigo, should not be ignored, and require the consultation of a doctor.

Acid reflux
Overproduction of acid digestive juices in the stomach leads to what is called reflux. When this symptom is related to a heart attack, it starts with a burning sensation in the stomach and chest.

Although most of the time a symptom of this type actually results in other health problems, it is wise not to exclude the possibility of a heart problem, especially if this reflux is severe and occurs frequently.

Examine your health history and see if your family has a history of heart disease. You must also be careful about being overweight or having a very sedentary lifestyle.
Precursor Symptoms Of Heart Attack That Women Often Ignore