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5 Reasons Why You Must Stop Using Your Phone In Bed At Night

5 Reasons Why You Must Stop Using Your Phone In Bed At Night

The smartphone has become the extension of our hands. Gone are the days when the phone was made to call, today, it is our whole life that is in, to the point where without it, we feel lost. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, nothing of our life should go beyond these networks where we continue to expose our actions, to our daily food. This device follows us everywhere, even in bed. Only this act, which seems so benign, would finally seem slightly clever.

Who does not like to lie warm, under the comforter, keeping his phone in his hand? Is there more comfortable to browse the news feed on social networks? Maybe not. Studies have shown that the phone has a negative impact on moral and physical health. Let's see that more closely.

Why is the phone proscribed in bed?

1. You ruin your eyes
Our cell phones emit a type of light dangerous for our eyes. The retina is at increased risk when the lighting in the room is low and you spend hours exploring social networks, scrolling pictures, or sending messages. The American Macular Degeneration Foundation explains that the retina can be damaged by the blue end of the spectrum of light and visible high energy radiation. Our eyes may therefore gradually lose the central vision. In other words, we will not see what is in front of us.

2. You disturb your sleep
Walking your phone at night can cause a feeling of drowsiness. Have you ever felt extremely tired without being able to sleep? In fact, blue light is deceiving your brain, disrupting the production of melatonin in the body. Melatonin, commonly known as the sleep hormone, is about regulating our biological clock in order to maintain a good rhythm of restful sleep. If it is disturbed, we are exposed to light sleep, night awakenings and insomnia. A lack of sleep alters the memory, the nervous system, the immune system, leads to obesity and premature aging. It is therefore advisable to turn off all devices emitting blue light two hours before sleeping to ensure a good night's sleep.

3. You expose yourself to a risk of depression
Of course, it's not only physical health that can be damaged by blue light, but moral health is also at risk. The use of the phone during the night takes you into a dismal spiral. Once sleep is disturbed, it becomes more and more difficult not to touch the electronic devices, and more precisely the phones! Except that the more we use it, the less chance we have to restore our internal clock. Which is very binding when we know that it can cause depressive states. The accumulation of neurotoxins causes a long-term, chronic disruption of sleep affecting your overall mood and ability to rest.

4. You increase the risk of cancer
Studies conducted by the World Health Association have stated that the electromagnetic waves emitted by our phones were undoubtedly linked to several types of cancer. It has also been shown that blue light and its adverse effects on the sleep cycle will promote breast and prostate cancer. Indeed, we are not only exposed to risks while using the phone, but also when it is nearby. The closer he gets, the more vulnerable we are to bad waves. So if you slip it under your pillow before you sleep, get rid of this habit quickly before it consumes you!

5. You destroy your memory
Thanks to the fast search and information flow, the smartphone can make you more intelligent. However, to benefit from what your phone can bring you without sinking into excess, it is necessary to frame yourself by setting limits of use. In fact, excessive use destroys your brain and seriously damages memory. The accumulated information is no longer useful if you can not remember it.

So, if we disconnected a little from the virtual world to devote a little more to the real world? Separate yourself from this virtual world and learn to connect to the real world or the imaginary world, free from danger. You will find an attraction to reading or meditation for example!
5 Reasons Why You Must Stop Using Your Phone In Bed At Night