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6 Reasons Why Strong Women Are Emotionally Exhausted

6 Reasons Why Strong Women Are Emotionally Exhausted

There are women for whom everything seems easy! They know how to handle all situations in a pragmatic way and always keep smiling! Indeed, these women manage to optimize their time so as to fulfill all their commitments. This strength does not lie in any talent, it is simply in bravery and willpower. That's why these women are subject to emotional exhaustion.

Seeking to outdo herself, the strong woman strives to push others to do the same. She always fights for what she believes to be fair without regard to labels or conventions. In other words, it does not blend into the mass for fear of being confronted with trivial judgments.

A strong personality knows how to be humble and not embarrassed
no ego badly placed. She learns at all times and retains the best every moment. Her intelligence is such that her flame is never extinguished. But she can still lose the heat by being strong without stopping, and for everyone.

Why does the strong woman feel emotional fatigue?

She gives without counting and never asks for anything in return
The strong woman worries much more for others than for herself. She manages her emotions so that her company is always pleasant. She is constantly trying to outdo herself and push others to do the same. But even if she gives the impression that everything is still going well, she needs support.

She feels grief but you will never know
Constantly at the test, it is in her choices that we recognize the woman strong. Choose to smile, when she has a thousand reasons to cry. Be magnanimous when her heart is bruised. Show compassion when everything collapses around her ... That's where she gets all her magnitude. But opening one's heart is not a sign of weakness, and entrusting a loved one with grief is very comforting.

She always deserves more than she receives
Adopting her usual attitude, the strong woman always seems to manage her life with the utmost care and without any difficulty. Since it does not reflect any fragility, no one takes the initiative to offer help. She is nevertheless as vulnerable as a human being can be.

She does not share her problems with others
The strong woman is certainly not spared by the dark side of the life. It is also affected by the black and toxic ideas that anybody. It is with courage that she decides not to do display of her worries. But relationships can not always go that way. And it happens that our force is reborn from a moment of transparency.

She never asks for affection
Her assured and intimidating behavior gives the impression that the strong woman is self-sufficient, but this is not the case. She needs love just like everyone else, only she does not ask for it. But for reports to be fluid, it is necessary to be humble. To ask for the affection of others is perhaps all that they expect. Thus, the strong woman will advance the lighter heart and feel lighter.

The strong woman never gets discouraged
The strong woman never gives up on reaching her goals. It meets the challenges, braves the obstacles and always finds adequate solutions. It tends to be self-fulfilling because it does not like to turn to others. But she forgets that the help of others is not necessarily a failure on her part.
Reasons Why Strong Women Are Emotionally Exhausted