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Scientists From The Pasteur Institute Have Managed To Destroy Cells Infected By Aids

Scientists From The Pasteur Institute Have Managed To Destroy Cells Infected By Aids

This is a promising discovery for the millions of people infected with the AIDS virus. Scientists have succeeded in destroying cells contaminated by the disease. A major breakthrough that potentially suggests the discovery of a vaccine. Good news for the victims of this deadly disease that quickly attacks the immune system and can still lead to death.

According to Onusida, the figures for 2017 are disastrous. 36.9 million people were living with HIV and 1.8 million people were reported to be infected this year. Another fatal fact: 940 000 people died of this disease that year.

On the other hand, about 58% of new HIV infections among adults over the age of 15 were among women, and every week 6600 women aged 15 to 24 are the victims. A major health phenomenon that has found a remedy today in the triple therapy that does not completely eradicate the virus of the human body.

The situation could change in the coming years. Researchers at the Institut Pasteur in Paris have managed to trigger a major breakthrough in the field, as reported by our colleagues at Nouvel Observateur. They managed to destroy the cells infected with HIV. An innovation, since the initial treatments only served to repel the progression of the virus in the body.

This study says there is now a way to remove the "reservoir" cells that contain HIV. The spokesperson of the Institut Pasteur states:

"The antiretroviral treatment (triple therapy) used today is intended to prevent the proliferation of HIV and not to eliminate it from the body. The virus remains in reservoirs - immune lymphocytes - the main targets of the disease »

HIV attacks cells with high metabolic activity and phagocyte their energy to multiply.

Metabolic inhibitors

The researchers managed a master stroke. Thanks to inhibitors of metabolic activity, scientists have succeeded in destroying HIV-infected reservoir cells. This major breakthrough suggests hope for other solutions for the complete remission of AIDS.

Another step: bring this experience inside the body and see how the operation takes place on living beings. Positive results are expected, since in theory, if the viral activity is low (beginning of contamination), it could totally prevent the contamination of the body by the virus responsible for thousands of deaths worldwide.

What is AIDS?
AIDS, or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, is a disease caused by the late onset of HIV infection. This virus attacks the immune system and defense capabilities against pathogens. The disease can lead to the development of serious illnesses and can lead to death. Also, this disease is incurable and contagious. Victims of this virus must have regular medical check-ups in order to be able to detect the disease. They are then subjected to triple therapy, an antiretroviral treatment that must be taken throughout the patient's life. Many symptoms can alert you to the disease and are very disabling.


Many symptoms can alert you to HIV, the latency phase of infection, to the terminal and fatal stages of AIDS.
-High temperature / fever
- Great tiredness
-Inflated ganglions
-Ulcerations around the mouth or genital mucosa
- Dryness around the mouth

How to protect yourself against HIV?

To protect yourself from HIV, there are actions to be performed on a daily basis. These habits practiced with conscience can help to guard against contamination with AIDS.

· Have intercourse protected by a condom. Thus the condom is a decisive weapon, if it is well used, it allows a 100% reliable protection.

· Do not handle used needles.

· Do not share personal belongings, files, razors, toothbrush.

Thus, prevention remains the surest way to protect oneself from AIDS.
It's Official: Scientists From The Pasteur Institute Have Managed To Destroy Cells Infected By Aids