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6 Week Training Program To Eliminate Fat Easily At Home

6 Week Training Program To Eliminate Fat Easily At Home

6 Week Training Program To Eliminate Fat Easily At Home

Work, subway, sleep ... This is unfortunately what punctuates the daily lives of many of us. The days are more and more busy, and you can not find the time to think about yourself. The carelessness take the step, and without even realizing it, your body changes, the pounds pile up, and the mirror becomes your worst enemy.

Nevertheless, a healthy lifestyle and physical activity can be very much in keeping with a busy schedule. Believe me, with a minimum of organization and a little willpower, you can do it!
Do you dream of a healthy body, harmonious and beautifully drawn? To find a more toned, firm and refined silhouette, it is necessary to lose fat and work your muscles. This last action contributes to a better energy expenditure and thus accelerates the loss of fat mass in the long term.

In order to achieve your goals, the organization is the key to success. It is therefore necessary to be assiduous and rigorous. To help you, we offer a 6-week program that can be followed at home, without any equipment, at flexible schedules and without disrupting your lifestyle.

Jumping Jack or jumps with gaps (10 reps)

6 Week Training Program To Eliminate Fat Easily At Home

Jump with gaps is a fairly simple exercise that will strengthen your entire body by helping you burn fat. Stand upright, arms straight along the body. Jump apart both arms and legs until you touch your hands above your head. Make a second jump to find your starting position, keep your knees bent, inhale during the jump gap, and exhale on the second jump.

Squats (10 repetitions)

The squat is a complete exercise of musculation mobilizing the lower muscles of the body (hamstrings, quadriceps and buttocks). Standing, legs open wider than the width of the pelvis, feet very slightly open. Buttocks pushed back, right bust and knees not extending beyond tiptoe. Inhale and go down by bending your knees, go back while exhaling and pushing on the heels.

Push-up (10 repetitions)

Yes ladies, you too have pectorals! Pumps therefore have many advantages. Keep your elbows tucked in and the shoulders clear of the neck. Inhale and bend your elbows so that your chest is close to the ground, exhale and push on your hands to extend your arms. The whole body must go up and down at the same time. For beginners, in order to facilitate the exercise, we advise you to do it in an inclined way by pressing on a chair or a table.

Abs bike or abdominal bike (10 repetitions)

The abdominals bike is the exercise for the superficial abdominals most often practiced. Lie on the floor and take off the upper back, chin slightly away from the chest. The hands are placed on each side of the head. Bring your knees over the ground and then move the pedals smoothly.

Sit Ups + Twist (5 repetitions on each side)

Lie on your back, legs outstretched. Place your hands behind your ears, without crossing your fingers. Exhale and raise the chest towards the ceiling, take off the shoulders and shoulder blades of the floor. Orient your shoulders to the side, trying to put your hand on the opposite knee. Inhale and descend slowly without momentum. Shoulders facing the ceiling.

For best results, perform this set of exercises three times in a row, 3 times a week for 6 weeks.