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Beef And Pork In Yogurts, Insects In Sodas ... Here Is The List Of Foods That Contain "Hidden Animals"

Beef And Pork In Yogurts, Insects In Sodas ... Here Is The List Of Foods That Contain "Hidden Animals"

If you think that by avoiding meat or becoming a vegetarian, you are doing your part to avoid the food of industrial breeding, think again! The NGO FOODWATCH, an association for the defense of consumer rights, has just revealed a list of about ten products containing animal substances.

Are you a vegetarian and do you think hard that you do not eat meat anymore? You may be unpleasantly surprised when you learn that your favorite pastry or dessert contains animal by-products.

The desserts :
Yoghurts Basket of Yoplait 0%: This product for children contains beef gelatin. However, the word "gelatin" does not appear in the list of ingredients on the packaging.

Nicolas de La Giroday, president of Yoplait, told Foodwatch that this gelatin of bovine origin is less than 0.5%.

Viennese Chocolate Nestlé: These desserts contain pork gelatin. According to Foodwatch, this is clearly mentioned below the labeling.

Carrefour Tiramisu: Like Nestlé's Viennese, Foodwatch has found the presence of porcine gelatin in this product. However, this substance, which is among 40 other ingredients, is not very readable.

Ice Cream Glacier, Strawberry and Meringue from Carte d'Or: Although the ice cream does not contain pork gelatin, it contains Shellac, a natural additive produced by insects. "If the term '' shellac '' is on the label, many consumers are unaware of its meaning," said the NGO.

Auchan's Raspberry Macaroons: According to Foodwatch, macaroons contain bovine gelatin. And this substance is well on the label, among some twenty other ingredients.

The sweets
The authentic little Cemoi marshmallow cub: The term "gelatin" is indicated on the packaging without specifying that it is pork gelatin.
Haribo's Chamallows: The brand has confirmed that this candy is made from gelatin of porcine origin. The brand also uses Carmine, a dye derived from cochineal.

Fruits and vegetables
Fuji Apples: According to Foodwatch, Fuji apples were treated after harvesting with Shellac, a natural resin made from insects. But nothing says it in the packaging because it is not mandatory for this kind of food.

Cassegrain extra-fine flageolets, onions and carrots: These vegetables marketed by Bonduelle contain a rather surprising ingredient, which is nothing else than chicken broth. This substance is listed in the ingredient list.

According to Foodwatch, the animal derivative found in this cheese is unknown. In addition, this county contains rennet '' an enzyme from the stomach of calves slaughtered before weaning ''. Although this substance is indicated in the list of ingredients, few consumers know its meaning.

The drinks
- Red Orangina: This drink contains Carmine, a dye derived from an insect: the cochineal. Only, many people do not know what the word carmine means.

- Some wines: Some wines, even those called "organic", contain food gelatine and fish glue. According to Foodwatch, producers have used these substances to clarify their wines, including some white wines.
Beef And Pork In Yogurts, Insects In Sodas