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6 Best Tips To Lose 20 Pounds

6 Best Tips To Lose 20 Pounds

Overweight or obesity is not just an aesthetic problem, but a condition that also puts your health at risk and can lead to dangerous diseases, including diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure and even cancer. What to do ? Here are 6 tips to lose up to 20 pounds!

Whether you need to lose 5 or 20 pounds, it's hard to start your weight loss journey. But if you really want to lose weight for good, change your lifestyle and develop healthy eating habits. How to do ? We will help you achieve your body goals with ease and efficiency through dietary advice and lifestyle changes.

These tips can help you start your transformation and get in shape in no time.

1. Replace sugary drinks with water
You can drink a juice or a smoothie in the morning, without sugar of course, but for the rest of the day you should drink some water. When you limit your sugar intake, you save up to 200 calories. Another benefit of drinking water is that it boosts your metabolism to burn fat, helps prevent bloating and helps reduce appetite.

2. Eat a bowl of salad for lunch
It is a healthy eating habit to adopt. Vegetables are low in calories and are delicious, so you can eat a large bowl of vegetables that will significantly reduce your calorie intake. Vegetables are rich in fiber, which allows you to control your appetite and not overeat.

3. Perform short physical activity sessions each day
If you live a sedentary life and do not like going to the gym or jogging, you should do at least one 20-minute physical activity routine every day such as walking or cycling. This will help you tone your body's muscles and burn calories.

4. Keep fruits and vegetables cut in the refrigerator
When you feel the need to nibble something, you must choose healthy foods. Eating fruits and vegetables will give your body all the vitamins and essential nutrients it needs while providing you with a sense of satiety.

5. Reduce portions and use smaller plates
This tip is very effective at losing weight because it helps you reduce your caloric intake and eat less, two factors that contribute to body weight gain. Eating less is the basis of any effective diet for weight loss.

6. Do not force yourself
Weight loss should not become an obsession for you, and do not feel guilty for eating too many calories. All you have to do is stay positive, be as regular as possible, eat healthy foods and stay active.

In addition to these tips, you should also follow certain guidelines and adopt them to make your weight loss process effective.

Do not ban certain foods
Do not ban any foods from your weight loss diet, especially the ones you love. Prohibiting food will only make you want to take it. You can eat as long as you stay within the limits of your daily calorie intake.

Do not store junk food
To avoid the temptation, try not to store junk foods like cookies, chips and sweet sodas at home. Instead, opt for healthy snacks such as fruit, unsalted rice cakes, oat cakes or fresh fruit juice without sugar.

Stop the alcohol
A standard glass of wine can contain over 85 calories. Over time, drinking too much can easily contribute to weight gain without forgetting the harmful effects of alcohol on health.
6 Best Tips To Lose 20 Pounds