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Here Are The 7 Cold Heart Zodiac Signs That Will Make You Hard To Trust

Here Are The 7 Cold Heart Zodiac Signs That Will Make You Hard To Trust

The signs of the zodiac possess many qualities but also a multitude of defects. Some are easier to live than others, but there is a flaw that is obvious to 7 of them: it is their heart of stone. If you look around, you may be able to identify some of them.

Among the 12 signs of the zodiac, there are 7 that are distinguished by a common character trait: their coldness. These signs with narcissistic tendencies are generally very closed to others, which makes them suspicious everyday. Although it is not impossible to break their shell, these signs are very difficult to soften. Indeed, they only show what they want to let you see. Here are these 7 signs and what characterizes them.

Taurus has trouble trusting. He needs daily evidence to judge the sincerity of others and does not lower his guard easily. Moreover, he has easy criticism and knows how to be uncompromising against those who want to interfere in his life. This sign seeks respect and stability above all else. Taurus must be convinced of your good intentions before granting you a place in your life.

The Leo is not completely closed to others, but it is often a deceptive appearance. Indeed, this sign does everything to protect itself and does not let anyone come too close. In the presence of others, he prefers to remain discreet and let them express themselves to better analyze them. If he deems you sincere enough, he will leave a small door open, but do not forget that at the slightest misstep, he will not hesitate to slam it in your face!

The native of the Virgo has no filter when it comes to giving her opinion. Governed by logic, it leaves very little room for feelings when it comes to opening up to others. In his presence, you will often have the impression of being taken from above and that is the case. Indeed, the sign of the Virgin will make you believe that you are lucky that it gratifies you with its mere presence. This sign will not do you any favor unless you are convinced of your good intentions.

Very often, the Scorpion hides behind a facade. He is insensitive and hostile and is extremely cold to sort out his relationships. Manipulative in nature, it will let you believe that you managed to get close to cut the grass under the foot as soon as the opportunity arises. Also very resentful, Scorpio never forgets those who betrayed him.

One of the main characteristics of Sagittarius is its speed to flee when the situation does not suit him. Very attached to his personal well-being, he does not let anyone deprive him and prefers to simply leave without giving any explanation. Indeed, having a place in the life of Sagittarius is not an easy task and keeping it is even more difficult.

Contrary to appearances, Aquarius is a pretty emotional sign. The only problem is that he does not show it. He prefers to hide behind a mask and show others that nothing affects him. He therefore returns an image of coldness to protect his feelings. It is very difficult to know what Aquarius feels because it will never show you that you have hurt it. His only answer will be to ignore you and find someone else to replace you.

In general, Pisces is not completely closed. He is able to enjoy the company of others, but he does not like to drag on. Of a creative nature, the ideal for Pisces would be to find someone who shares the same passions as him. In these cases, he can be very patient with this person. However, in the absence of common interests, this sign will be more closed than an oyster.
Cold Heart Zodiac Signs