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I Love Spending Time Alone And People Should Stop Worrying About Me

I Love Spending Time Alone And People Should Stop Worrying About Me

Whenever we see a person sitting alone in the restaurant, we tend to feel pain for her, even worse, pity. The majority of us think that a solitary person is by default and not by choice. This is where we are all wrong. In fact, people who spend time alone often do so because it gives them a feeling of well-being. This is called self-sufficiency.

Some people enjoy having their own moments, and they do not necessarily need to share them to make the most of them. Know that these people are not wrong at all, quite the contrary. You should know that not everyone is able to sit at a restaurant alone or go see his favorite movie in the cinema without any company. Many people tend to feel uncomfortable when they are alone, as if they relived this nightmare where they are all naked on a podium, facing the crowd.

Indeed, the discomfort that some people may feel about being alone in crowded places comes from the fact that they think they will hurt others, as if someone had asked them a rabbit or they had no one in their life being able to free themselves to accompany them. What they do not know is that very often, lonely people, who can be seen in public places, are by choice and not by default.

Being alone has become a social tare. People judge those whom they see alone, as if they had no friends in life. Besides, they even feel pity for them. This can be understood, indeed, for hundreds of years we are conditioned to develop a social life. As Aristotle said so well, "the human being is a social animal". We feel this need to be surrounded by others; it is thanks to them that we exist. However, this idea is not necessarily positive because it implies that we are unable to satisfy ourselves. Indeed, spending time alone brings many benefits and those people who are thought sad or lonely, are generally much more fulfilled than others.

The benefits of loneliness

Why is it important to spend time alone? In general, people who are able to do activities alone are self-sufficient. That means they do not need anyone to have a good time, and they know how to be independent. Whether traveling, at the cinema or in a park, being alone allows you to free your mind and fully appreciate the present moment without being distracted by a second presence.

On the other hand, taking time for yourself is also a way to get organized and reflect on yourself. Sometimes our ideas can become cumbersome and it becomes difficult to find solutions to our problems because precisely, we are never alone and we do not find time to think.

And then, do not forget that not everyone wants to do the same activities as you. In some cases you will want to go bungee jumping or spend a week in a spiritual center and none of your friends will want to go with you. What are you doing in this case? Are you giving up those things that have always fascinated you or are you packing and you live your life the way you want? The answer is simple: follow your desires. Do not deprive yourself of pleasant and probably very rewarding moments just because nobody wants to accompany you.

When we think about loneliness, we often tend to flee it. Often associated with exclusion, it can easily scare and become a source of anxiety. In fact, we even talk about autophobia in the most extreme cases. Only you have to be willing to be alone and see it as a rewarding opportunity to learn more about yourself.

Activities you should do alone

In an article on the joys of loneliness, Cosmopolitan magazine offers a multitude of fun activities to do alone. Here are some that will inspire you!

- Go have dinner in a restaurant that you always wanted to try
- Sit at the bar and chat with the bartender
- Check out this art show you've been talking about for weeks
- Enjoy the calm of the morning and walk in a park
- Go to the beach and read a good book
- Travel and discover new places

Life is an inexhaustible source of happy moments, it's up to you to go get them!

I Love Spending Time Alone And People Should Stop Worrying About Me