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Do Not Kill The Spiders That Live At Home, They Are Very Useful

Do Not Kill The Spiders That Live At Home, They Are Very Useful

In hot weather, we would be tempted to hunt or kill the spider that weaves its web above our window. Yet these insects have many benefits for our home.

Even though these eight-legged insects tend to repel or scare, spiders have virtues for our home. And for good reason, according to entomologists, they are an integral part of the ecosystem of the house. Unless you fall on a poisonous spider, its presence in a home is a guarantee of a healthy habitat.

If spiders weave webs, it is to catch pests such as flies, mosquitoes, woodlice, etc. A good reason to keep in our home these predators not that bad.

Good news: the less polluted a garden is, the more it attracts spiders, attracted by insects that gravitate around plants. The insect does not flourish in an environment that is too humid, too confined or too hot. If the spider has taken up residence at home, it is good to live!

Indoor spiders
Be careful, do not throw the spiders that you find in your house in the middle of nowhere, some species can only survive inside. Each type of spider flourishes in specific living conditions and moving the spider from an indoor to outdoor environment could well cause its death.

If spiders scare you, try moving them to a non-visible place in your home such as a cellar or garage. They can hunt and not scare you. To hunt them without killing them, you can burn essential oils, sprinkle the corners with white vinegar or citrus fruits because these smells repel the spiders from your home.

Saviors of humanity
Beyond being real insect eaters, spiders are actually potential healers. Of the thousands of species of arachnids, scientists use venoms to create new drugs. Moreover, Australian researchers have identified in the body of these insects a protein that can treat the after-effects of cardiovascular events. According to one study, the molecule of the protein, called Hila, would be effective 8h after the stroke. "One of the most promising aspects of this protein is that it offers exceptional levels of protection for eight hours after a stroke, which is a treatment option," says Glenn King, one of the leading authors of the study. study. Another wonder of the arachnid, its canvas is studied to inspire the bandages of the future. Scientists, thanks to biomimicry, have realized that spider web silk is good for tissue renewal after an injury.

Other ways to get rid of insects
To hunt roaches and cockroaches, there is a simple and effective recipe. Fill a large enough container with water and add a few drops of olive oil and a piece of fruit. For the trap to be optimal it is necessary to confine the container in a dark corner to attract the arrival of these insects. The advantage of this trick is to drown roaches that will be attracted by the smell of the fruit.

Midges have the ability to lay up to 500 eggs per day. A real problem in view of their speed which makes them difficult to hunt animals. Never mind there is a house trick to keep these insects away. Simply pour a few centilitres of vinegar into a bowl and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Vinegar is a real bait for gnats but dishwashing liquid will swallow the legs of its insects that will trap them.