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Why You Need To Pour Salt Into Your Sink

Why You Need To Pour Salt Into Your Sink

To clean the sink drain and the pipes sometimes clogged with hair or leftover food, there is a simple pouring salt effective trick to unclog your drain.

Whether it's seasoning dishes or preparing a sauce, salt is an essential ingredient in our homes. The mineral can also be used for housework. Pouring salt into your sink is a smart tip and we'll reveal why in this article.

In addition to flavoring our dishes, salt is a useful ingredient for some difficult domestic tasks. We can avoid using a plumber when the sink has accumulated too much waste and is clogged. Here's a tip that can unclog the sink and avoid using the suction cup.

Salt Into Your Sink

Why should you pour salt into your sink

Tip based on salt and baking soda

Fill a container with a quarter cup of salt and a quarter cup of baking soda. Shake the mixture and pour it into the pipes. Then add half a cup of vinegar to the sink. 

Foam should normally form at the sink drain. Do not panic, it's just a chemical reaction that occurs as a result of the combination of the 3 elements. Just wait for 15 minutes. 

Meanwhile, heat a pan of water and pour it into the drain hole once the time is up. The water will remove residual salt and baking soda left in the sink. Here is a simple, economical and effective way to purify your pipes and fight against bad odors. You can apply this method in a bathtub.

Salt has many other uses for home and if you read the following lines we will reveal other tips.

Clean a sponge

The sponge can be difficult to clean. Too oily or dirty, salt can clean it more effectively than dishwashing liquid. For this, simply fill a container with two cups of water and pour a quarter cup of salt. Stir it with a wooden spatula. Leave the sponge in the contents of the container overnight. The next day, the sponge should be rid of stubborn impurities.

Remove stubborn stains from your bathtub

Sometimes stubborn stains get stuck in your bathtub and household products are ineffective. Salt can be of great help in removing these. To do this, mix a large cup of salt with some turpentine. Be careful to wear gloves and leave the window wide open when mixing. 

Mix the contents of the container with a wooden spatula until it is homogeneous, an odor can emerge following the combination of these two elements. Then apply this mixture on the stubborn stains of your bathtub, they should dissipate a few minutes later.

Remove fat from a pan

The accumulated fat on a stove may be stubborn and the products usually used to clean it may be insufficient. To eliminate the grease stuck on the pan, nothing like salt. 

For this, you must pour an abundant amount on the kitchen utensil. Add water. The combination of water and salt should loosen all greasy substances from the pan after allowing to stand for 10 minutes. Then clean the utensil with a sponge.

Stop a fire on a stove

When your stove ignites, do not panic. Salt can stop the fire if it is poured in large quantities. The mineral acts as a catalyst and stops the flames. This technique can prevent a fire or a possible burn.

Remove dirt stuck to the iron

To prevent dirt from getting stuck in your iron, salt is your ally. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on par-refined paper or newspaper and put it on the heating part of the iron. Move your iron in all directions. Salt will act as a cleaner and will remove stubborn stains on your iron.

Clean egg stains on the floor

Sometimes an egg accidentally falls to the ground. Their consistency can make it difficult to clean. To avoid spending several minutes cleaning: use salt. For this it is sufficient to pour a large amount on the place, the stain is easily removed.

We will show a DIY step-by-step of how to unclog your drain.  We had a discussion with a plumber recently and he told us that it's not always necessary to have a plumber over to unclog your drain you can actually go ahead and do so yourselves with simple household items that you probably already have. Two ingredients are needed, you need a baking soda and white vinegar. 


Many of you might be tempted to unclog drain using a plunger, well that can partially unclog drain.  However;  don't forget that your drain is normally coated with a bunch of gunk and grease and all the stuff that goes down there overtime.  So to clean a clogged sink, you need a chemical reaction? Some sort of a foaming chemical reaction, that's why we have vinegar and baking soda. So you'll see why pour salt down drain especially at night in these easy steps is gonna be done in a matter of minutes with amazing result. 

Step 1: Pour one pot of boiling water down the drain step.

Step 2: Pour one cup of baking soda also directly down the drain and you need to let that sit for roughly 5 to 10 minutes

Step 3: You need to add one cup of white vinegar and you're going to pour that down the drain as, there will be a chemical reaction between the baking soda and the vinegar, but no worries that's needed if there's going to be a lot of foaming action. Remember that baking soda white vinegar boom. So you're gonna let that mixture do its chemical reaction for another five to ten minutes.

Step 4: You need to add another pot of boiling water down the drain,  so last and final step.

Step 5: You're going to run hot tap water for five minutes just to make sure that everything in the drain is properly flushed away. 

So that's it, you saw how easy pour salt down drain at night will have unclog sink in a couple of minutes and you'll thank us.