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Here's Why Women Prefer Men With Beards

Here's Why Women Prefer Men With Beards

Nowadays, the beard has become the norm for many men, whether to give them a great look or to follow a trend of fashion. However, their choice to grow a beard or shave has an effect on the seduction of women. In fact, the latter are more attracted to bearded men than those well shaved, according to the signals they send. And science proves it!

The beard gives men a confident air
Beards can emit male signals and build a sense of trust with women, especially in the social sphere. According to the results of a study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology in 2016 and relayed by our colleagues at the Nottingham Post, beards may be more attractive to women when considering long-term relationships than short-term relationships because they indicate a man's ability to compete successfully with other men socially. A woman feels reassured and protected when she is in the company of a bearded man.

Women perceive bearded men as good parents
Beards also make men good parents in the eyes of women. According to Jeremy Nicholson, professor of health sciences at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia "Women consider that the men who have the beard provided are the ones with the most parental and health skills. This is because they consider that bearded men have better qualities than shaved men. For women, a bearded man has better genes for children and will take care of them.

 "In many species, the secondary characteristics of males have evolved according to the choice of females, as they confer indirect (genetic) or direct benefits, such as increased fertility or greater chances of survival ... Typical facial features Males such as pronounced eyebrows or a stronger jaw may indicate good health, while a beard may indicate age and male social dominance. "

To put this theory to the test, a group of dedicated scientists interviewed about 8,500 women about it. The investigators asked them if they were planning a short-term or long-term relationship with a group of initially clean-shaven men and men who had later let a little beard grow. This is the same group of men who were presented as clean-shaven who presented their photos to the women participating in the survey.

This same group of men was then photographed 3 times during a 30-day period after shaving - during which their beards had grown. When the photos of the bearded men were presented to the same group of women, the results were amazing. The women surveyed generally confirmed that the pictures of the bearded men made them look more masculine.

Other study
Another study conducted in Australia by Medical Daily, researchers at the University of New South Wales, gave similar results. Research incorporated various beard lengths to assess the perception of health, attractiveness, masculinity, and potential parenting ability. Men with a beard provided are considered the most attractive and have a high potential for parenting skills, while those with a light beard are ranked the lowest.

These conclusions do not in any way suggest that men who shave are less fortunate with women, they simply follow their instinct when it comes to securing their future, raising a family and feeling protected and safe.
Women Prefer Men With Beards